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General Des Barker

Obituary- South Africa has lost one of its greatest pilots. General Des Barker had an extraordinarily successful career in the SAAF. He followed that up by becoming the world expert on air show crashes. He wrote the standard text, Zero Error Margin, and his recently released major reference work “Anatomy


Another Sling to Starlite Training Academy

BREAKING NEWS! Starlite Training Academy are once again increasing their training fleet with another Sling. Their 7th Sling 2 has already arrived at the Durban Academy on the Friday 12th March. This stylish aircraft sporting a bright new colour pallet, made her grand entrance into Virginia Airport with many students

The Brick

Invert to Untangle

In praise of ATNS


Poppy drop – Alouette, gentille alouette …

Despite enduring a world-changing pandemic in 2020 and facing an uncertain future, I suspect it’s nothing compared to living in a country at war. Which is what I found myself contemplating recently as I flew what is now a civilian version of a South African military stalwart, the Aérospatiale Alouette III.  “My favourite helicopter

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