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Across the furrows

Mark Holliday The Mafikeng pre-World Cup Competition in 2000 served both as a pre-World Cup dress-rehearsal and the South African National Champs, in order to select the South African team for the 2001 World Champs. I had logged several hundred practise hours over the preceding months and spent a lot of time

Presidents Trophy Air Race


Legislating Common Sense

In certain situations that appear to be devoid of rationality, we may discover a chunk of rules and regulations that attempt to try do the thinking for us – or at least speak to the lowest common denominator among us. ‘A Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) is valid for




A Highway Patrol Officer was conducting speeding enforcement on Hwy 77, just south of Kingsville, Texas. (Story: Jerry Clifton) The officer was using a handheld radar device to check speeding vehicles approaching the town of Kingsville and was suddenly surprised when the radar gun began reading 300 miles per hour

Local is lekker

Aviation Company Profiles

Guy Leitch talks on SAA

Gidon Novick – what will make Lift different?