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Iris – her early years:  Farewell to ARN

Laura McDermid continues her stories about Iris McCallum’s early years in East Africa and the Sudan. The year was 1980 and, despite Kenya achieving independence in 1963, the British influence persisted. Fascination with the country was at an all-time high. Many Britons were familiar with the exotic wildlife and scenic

Women in Aviation: Linda Sollars

Laura McDermid A quick Google search of ‘Linda Sollars’ brings up a plethora of articles detailing the remarkable journey of this petite dynamo. Notably, she flew from Johannesburg to Oshkosh in N915HW, the inaugural Sling High Wing, which she built from the kit at Sling Aircraft  in Tedderfield. For most

IATA – The Global airline industry overview

Addressing the IATA annual general meeting in Dubai in June, Willie Walsh, the IATA Director General said that globally airlines performed well in 2023 with improved profitability. It was also the safest ever year – and a key thrust for the future is the drive towards net zero carbon emissions

Jim – Prang Diamond Bounce

Aircraft Registration        ZS-SNN                                                                                                           Date of Incident              12 September 2014 Time of Incident              17.10Z Type of Aircraft                Diamond DA 20-C1 (Aeroplane) Type of Operation            Training (Part 141) PIC License Type               Student Pilot Licence Valid                     Yes Age                                      34 PIC  Total Hours                52.1 Hours on Type                  52.1

Book Review – Crash and Burn: “A CEO’s Crazy Adventures in the SA Airline Industry”

Guy Leitch After Dudu Myeni, Glenn Orsmond may be one of the most hated people in the South African airline industry. He was the founder CEO of 1time Airline and twice the CEO of Comair. Both airlines failed spectacularly. In this book he explains – in his words – how

FLIGHT TEST: Douglas DC-3 – Dakota

[intro] After an incredible life of 89 years since first flight, the South African Air Force announced the retirement of its Douglas DC-3/C-47 in May 2024. The “Dak’ is a genuine legend and to commemorate its retirement, we put you in the pilot’s seat to find out what it is

The ABSA Lowveld Airshow 2024

By Guy Leitch. Images Trevor Cohen This year marked the thirtieth edition of the Lowveld airshow – and it was widely acclaimed as the best ever. For the past 15 years the Lowveld show has been organised by the Nelspruit based Kishugu aerial work and firefighting operation. They have built

Ugly is Pretty: Lear 25 vs Pilatus PC-6

Hugh Pryor When you go to a party where you don’t know anybody, you should always go for the ‘Ugly’ girl, because she will be happy that you chose to spend time with her. More than likely, you will enjoy a splendid evening full of laughter and genuine friendship, and

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Jim Davis – Right Seat Rules #17

Fighting Fuel Foolery This was meant to be the last of four articles persuading instructors, and everyone else, that they will have a longer and happier life if they understand this 20 point outline of the fuel system. But it’s not the last one. I underestimated how much more there

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AirVenture – Oshkosh – just 75 days to go!

There are still a few seats available from Joburg and Cape Town on Neil Bowden’s hugely popular Oshkosh AirVenture tours.This is a bucket list item for every aviation aficionado. Don’t delay – call Neil on 084-674-5674