SA Flyer Magazine, which incorporates Flightcom Magazine, is Africa’s largest selling aviation magazine and is the only registered aviation publication with Audit Bureau Circulation accreditation and distribution throughout Africa.

SA Flyer was launched in 1995. In 2006 by Guy Leitch assumed control as the editor and publisher. With over 290 monthly editions released to date, SA Flyer has established itself as the foremost authority and opinion leader on aviation news and trends for a host of loyal readers and followers including owners and operators of aircraft and aviation enthusiasts.

Various surveys by aviation forums show SA Flyer to be the number one choice amongst all the aviation magazines in Africa with 80% of respondents preferring SA Flyer – showing that SA Flyer is five times more popular than all the other titles combined.


Guy Leitch was born in England and grew up in South Africa. He has a Master’s degree in Development Finance and is both a Private Pilot with Night and Multi engine ratings and a Glider Pilot.

Guy has had several different careers over the years, and he brings this diverse knowledge and business acumen to the magazine. In the early 1990s Guy was appointed as the Managing Director of a division of a major bank to manage their large book of repossessed properties. At the same time, he started writing and contributing to aviation and financial publications.

In 2005, he wanted to pursue these two passions of aviation and writing more seriously as a career and so, with the support of his wife Nicola, Guy purchased a controlling interest in SA Flyer Magazine.

His approach as a publisher is to produce the highest quality aviation publication while entertaining and informing readers

Guy used the SA Flyer platform to launch FlightCom magazine, which covers the aviation industry in Africa. He has also published Intercom magazine for SAA Flight Operations.
Guy has become an aviation analyst in demand by several prominent local and international TV, radio and print publications, with regular contributions to respected media outlets such as the Daily Maverick.

He has been married to Nicola for thirty years and they have three children.

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