Status on lifting GA / RA flight restrictions in Level 3

The Government Gazette detailing the Transport regulations for C-19 Level 3 has been promulgated with a media briefing on Saturday 30th May. The gazette detail is given in the link below. Although there is substantive re-opening of the Aviation Sector, it does not include the full scope of what was proposed by the industry, the DoT is taking a more cautious approach to re-opening the skies, with possible further scope based on the experience as the month of June progresses. In summary, limited domestic airline operation will restart to 4 airports at specified daily times for business travelers, GA operations in the working sector (agri, patrol, surveying etc.), and Part 141 & 109 training schools – given that prescriptive C-19 compliance measures are put in place. (See General Notice regarding training below)

This unfortunately leaves the remainder of GA & RA still grounded for this Level, other than the maintenance preservation flights or maintenance positioning/test flights. We have asked the question to at least consider allowance to carry out proficiency flights, and will further engage with the DoT / CAA in the coming week on this subject and offer proposals to review if we can enable this. Will be keeping us appraised of the status of this request.

Regarding the Maintenance Preservation Flights the Aero Club / CAASA System has just broke through 1000 registrations with 630 CAA approvals granted and 300 flights completed over the last 9 days. For your reference go to the Aero Club or CAASA websites to gain access to the system, the Engine Preservation protocols are also available as provided by the Aero Club ARO AP Panel. If you have any queries regarding this system, contact the Aero Club at



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