The Beechcraft Be-76 Duchess is actually a very tough aircraft.

The actual aircraft involved in the incident.

Kelowna International Airport, British Columbia, Canada. Monday Oct 5, 2020. A pilot from Southern Flight Center unknowingly tested this statement out to the maximum, when he took off with a concrete block still attached to the aircraft.

The twin engine Beechcraft Be-76 (C-GSFB), took off from Kelowna International Airport on runway 16, when the tower noticed that the aircraft still had a tie down rope and cement block attached to its tail.

The pilot was advised and without delay the aircraft made a crosswind turn in order to make a downwind landing on runway 16.

“The aircraft continued from its crosswind turn into a downwind and then landed full stop on runway 16, with minimal delay. Upon landing, the trailing cement block shattered on impact and a vehicle was dispatched to clean the debris,” reads the report to Transport Canada.

YLW aircraft rescue and firefighting crews responded to the incident.  The report says it took about 10 minutes to clean up the mess and clear the runway.

“There were no injuries or impacts to operations or scheduled flights as a result of this incident. Once the plane had returned to the airport, the runway and taxiways were inspected to ensure there was no damage to aircraft manoeuvring areas,” according to a statement from the airport.

The incident was formally filed with Transport Canada on Oct. 5.

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