Although the Algoa Flying Club was officially formed on 26 November 1956, the club proudly claims to be one of the oldest flying clubs in South Africa. It can trace its roots all the way back to 1929, when the Port Elizabeth Aero Club was formed.

THE MODERN ALGOA FLYING CLUB is a registered NPO (not-for-profit) organisation made up of flying enthusiasts with the aim of promoting flying and flying training within a friendly environment.

In 1971 a ground-breaking decision was made for the club to acquire its own aircraft and establish its own training centre.

2021 65th Celebration

Currently the club has a fleet of Cessna 152s, a Cessna 172, a Cessna 172 RG, a Sling 2, a Seneca, a Airvan GA8 and a SACAA Accredited Elite Evolution S812 (FNPT11) Simulator, which offers multi-engine piston training based on the Beech Baron B58 and single-engine piston based on the Cessna 172RG. The club offers training to local and international students.

In 2020, due to Covid-19, no wings awards evening was held, so a double celebration was warranted this year for the 65th Anniversary and Wings Parade.

‘bumpy conditions from the windy city’

On the evening of Saturday 20 November over 80 members arrived at the Walmer Golf Estate. As guests gathered on the balcony enjoying pre-dinner snacks, the festivities started with a sponsored flypast by Hangar51, using a L29 and Yak 52. The L29 Delfin was flown by Mike Weingartz and the lead Yak 52 by Koos Kieck. These two vastly experienced former SAAF fighter pilots had their hands full with the violently bumpy conditions from the famous windy city.

Once the pilots were back on the ground, the Master of Ceremonies and Club Chairman, Gareth Godwin, introduced the evening’s guest speaker: Colonel H.J. (Koos) Kieck. Colonel Kieck entertained all with stories from his SAAF days and some excellent advice for new pilots.

An excellent four course meal was served between the prize giving. Many prizes were handed out to students: for both 2020 and 2021.

An award that surprised nobody was to ‘uber-pilot’ and former Red Bull Air Racer, Patrick Davidson, for ‘Best Licenced Pilot’.

Notable guests were Chester Chandler (a founding member) as the oldest surviving club member, with Bennie Bergmann being the second surviving oldest with 65 and 58 years of club membership respectively. A very popular award was to Bennie Bergmann for ‘Most Active Non-Flying Club Member’.

As a climax to the evening, Patrick Davidson, on behalf of Stu Davidson & Sons, donated two substantial amounts for flying development: a R29,000 bursary to Tristan Botes and R86,000 to Qhawe Nxumalo towards her Commercial Licence on completion of her PPL.

The traditional ‘boat race’ drinking game between new pilots and the ‘ou-manne’ was won by the experienced ‘ou-manne’.

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