(Dr Mark Holliday) – One of the wonderful things about gliding is that you learn the names of obscure turn points and can thereafter talk authoritatively about the geography of rural farmlands. Daniel Rodic, the famous Russian fighter pilot, who settled in South Africa and flew gliders claims his Afrikaans wifeRead More →

TEST FLIGHT (By Frans Grotepass)  The Vansin is a unique aircraft. The product of the prodigiously talented and skilled Carel van Aswegen – this wonderful example of the homebuilders’ art is being cherished and continuously refined by the inimitable Prof Frans Grotepass, a retired Voluntary Red Cross Air Mercy Pilot and still an active maxillo-facial surgeon in Durbanville Cape Town.   The Remarkable Carel van Aswegen  Carel van Aswegen was born in theRead More →

(Story and Images Garth Calitz) Flying clubs are doing a great job keeping up the esprit de corps of the beleaguered flying community.  For years SA Flyer supported the Krugersdorp Flying Club (KFC) annual spot landing competition but this publication has been forced to reduce its involvement and the KFC has shown that despite the oddsRead More →

(Dapper Dan) My name is Dapper Dan and I fly aeroplanes… like a boss. I’m known to regularly recall the time I landed a 19 seater in 53… wait for it: STEPS!!! “If you think that’s impossible, you should have seen the chap from the UN!” I am a man at theRead More →

The aerial sightseeing trial is open to residents of the Forest Lake project in the popular tourist destination of Zhaoqing city in south China. China’s air mobility company EHang has added another location to its autonomous air taxi roster with the launch of an aerial sightseeing trial in partnership withRead More →

17 December 1903, 10:35 a.m. On this day in 1903, the Wright Flyer became the first powered, heavier-than-air machine to achieve controlled, sustained flight with a pilot. Orville and Wilbur Wright, two brothers from Dayton, Ohio, had been working on the development of a machine capable of flight since 1899. They started withRead More →

The Hybrid Air Vehicles HAV 304/Airlander 10 is a hybrid airship designed and built by British manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicles. Comprising a helium airship with auxiliary wing and tail surfaces, it flies using both aerostatic and aerodynamic lift and is powered by four diesel engine-driven ducted propellers.  The Hybrid Air VehiclesRead More →

The E6B Flight Computer, or simply the “whiz wheel”, is a mechanical circular slide rule used in aviation. They are mostly used in flight training, but many professional and even airline pilots still carry and use these flight computers. These flight computers are used during flight planning (on the groundRead More →

The co-founder of Lift Airlines, Gidon Novick, has responded to the claims made by attorney Johan Botha by pointing out the following: Global Aviation Operations (Pty) Ltd (Global) does in fact have current and valid AOC for 2020. This is easily verifiable on Global’s website The Lift Airline brand isRead More →