Virginia airport is a key asset to Durban yet is still under threat from the town council and is surviving from month to month. To better understand the issues we chat to some of the key people involved with Virginia airport in this video report by Robin Rabec.Read More →

A well know aviation attorney Johan Botha has launched an attack on the pending Lift Airlines of Gidon Novick. Botha claims that lift has not fulfilled the legal requirements for starting a new airline – particularly that it has not obtained its own Aircraft Operators certificate (AOC) and that itsRead More →

Never let an animal pre-flight your aircraft for you A Bear attacked this Super Cub while it was parked in a remote area in Alaska. The pilot had not cleaned out the inside after a long fishing trip and the Bear picked up the fish smell. After a thorough pre-flightRead More →

September 17th to 24th 1944, marks the 76th anniversary of the start of the largest airbourne operation in history. On the opening day, more than 1,500 Allied aircraft and 500 gliders landed 20,000 troops to capture strategic bridges behind German lines. Despite its boldness, a shortage of transport aircraft, poor weather,Read More →

If you were the CFI, what could you have done differently in this situation? (Above picture is not the accident aircraft discussed) CFI/Student: Runway Over-run On Landing We found the following NASA ASRS report, written in 2018. A CFI flying with a student practicing landings describes a runway overrun event that, fortunately,Read More →