Derek Hopkins To get a striking air to air image such as this, many different skills have to come together. The key is good formation pilots. In this instance well-known pilot Derek Hopkins was a passenger to Pierre Gouws in an RV-8 and Daan Conradie was formatting his RV-8 onRead More →

Jeffery Kempson I flew Tim and June Liversedge in a Cessna 320 Skyknight from Johannesburg to Shakawe in northwestern Botswana and spent a comfortable night on their luxurious houseboat, the Sitatunga. The next morning, I flew to Maun to clear immigration and refuel before returning empty to Rand Airport inRead More →

Guy Leitch In modern warfare it’s not the soldiers who die – it’s the civilians. One of the best examples of this is carpet bombing. In the bad old days, soldiers used to line up and face the enemy, expecting to be attacked man to man, on foot, or withRead More →

Jim Davis Aircraft registration:                 ZS-DED Date and time of accident:     Soon Type of aircraft:                          Cessna 172 Pilot’s name:                                Joe Doe Type of operation:                     Private PIC license type:                         PPL License valid:                               Yes PIC age:                                          56 PIC total hours:                           120 PIC hours on type                       20 Last point of departure:          RandRead More →

One of the world’s most eagerly awaited piston single engine aircraft designs has finally arrived in South Africa. ZU-KTR is a long awaited Panthera, proudly owned by Bertus Kritzinger, a Free State trucker, and based at New Tempe in Bloemfontein, where the well-known Ferriera Aviation has assembled it. [body] WithRead More →

Text Guy Leitch. Images Duncan Gillespie. This year was the 30th year of Aero Friedrichshafen, a General Aviation expo for pilots and knowledgeable owners of planes. The organisers claim that a high percentage of the 27,200 visitors hold a pilot’s license. With more than 650 exhibitors from 35 countries, 35,000+Read More →

John Bassi It was going to be another typical semi-desert, Karoo October day with furnace heat shimmering off the dry plains. According to the forecasts, the wind gusts were to exceed 40 kilometres per hour and temperatures would rise to 48c by 11.00. This combination would become unworkable by 10:00Read More →

Guy Leitch After the Boeing Max crashes, the chatterati were suddenly experts on MCAS. Now everyone is an expert on Boeing’s management problems. I have dug up what I trust are some fresh new insights. Like Mary Poppins, let’s start at the very beginning. Boeing was founded by William BoeingRead More →

Jeffery Kempson Mopani trees occur in tropical southern Africa. They have distinctive leaves that resemble butterfly wings. Within the belt of Mopani trees in northern Botswana, there lived three beautiful blonde, blue eyed girls who dramatically affected my flying life. The first girl lived on a houseboat at Shakawe, onRead More →

IRIS FLIES ACROSS SUDAN Laura McDermid continues her stories about Iris McCallum’s early years in East Africa and the Sudan. The five months that I’d been at Sunbird Aviation had been a steep learning curve in terms of learning how to navigate unchartered territories using only a watch and aRead More →