February has shown steady growth in the number of aircraft registered. Four fixed wing and one helicopter were added while the non-type certified (NTCA) register grew by seven. There are some late additions included from January in this month’s updates that were not included in the previous month’s updates. TheRead More →

Guy Leitch There is a hoary old adage – that you can fool most of the people most of the time. And that’s enough to raise lots of money for screwball ideas. The Pegasus, a VTOL business jet that is nothing more than a computer graphic comes to mind. AnotherRead More →

Grant Timms is one of those pilots happy to fly anything anywhere. And thus it was that he got roped into a marathon ferry flight in a Piper J3 Cub, ZS-MXT, from Springs to Morningstar in Cape Town.  Day 1 was 8.3 hours to Beaufort West. Day 2 was 3.8Read More →

Guy Leitch Many African governments have lacked the skills and resources to do major maintenance and repair work to keep older equipment up to date. With the carrot of foreign aid and industrial participation offsets being dangled over procurement departments, the preferred option has usually been to replace older equipment.Read More →

I reckon plane vs car races are usually pointless stunts. Airshow acts have a car racing up and down the runway burning rubber throwing U-turns while a plane roars overhead and does stall turns at the ends of the runway. Like professional wrestling, the winner is chosen beforehand. This doesn’tRead More →

For many South African private pilots, flying is becoming too expensive for fun flying. The recreational flying industry has been steadily eroded by increases in the cost of living and Rand devaluation. And then there is my old favourite – the ‘buggeration’ factor – which is the difficulty of tryingRead More →

Guy Leitch Much was hoped for from SAA Version 2. The government made promises about no more bailouts, including no guarantees for debt and aircraft leases. Yet Minister Pravin Gordhan has now been given a further R1 billion for SAA – for “business rescue purposes.” The magic bullet for SAARead More →