Beechcraft’s new single-engine turboprop; the Denali, completed its first flight on 23 November. The 2-hr. 50-m flight by the Denali prototype took it to a test site over Cheney Lake west of Wichita, accompanied by a Cessna Citation chase aircraft. The flight departed Textron Aviation’s west campus at Eisenhower InternationalRead More →

The first Citation flew in 1969 and with its turbofans, accessible entry price and undemanding handling, it revolutionised the bizjet market. The success of the Citation range has made the name Citation synonymous with business aircraft. CESSNA HAS NOW DELIVERED more than 7,200 Citations. From its entry level Citation MustangsRead More →

The relationship between pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC) is often fractious. Pilots hate being told what to do – and ATC often has more than enough reason to consider pilots to be idiots. A RECENT INCIDENT AT GEORGE AIRPORT where pilots and ATC blamed each other for an airlinerRead More →

November 2021 – I was chatting to a professional pilot and was unsurprised when he said that he was finished with the CAA. HE SAID IS GOING TO MOVE his type certified aircraft onto the American N-register and just not bother screwing around with the increasingly dysfunctional ex-RASA component ofRead More →

SAA BRUSSELS VACCINE FLIGHT/ GETTING AN ACCIDENT REPORT REVISED SAA BRUSSELS VACCINE FLIGHT As a born and bred Capetonian I remember the high esteem we held SAA in and the excellent service it provided. The last time I flew SAA was in 2003 or 2004 but found the service veryRead More →

A MOZAMBIQUE COURT has sentenced 66-year-old former Mozambiquan Transport Minister Paulo Zucula to ten years imprisonment for his part in the purchase of two E190s from Embraer in 2009. Three senior government and LAM airline officials were accused of receiving $800,000 in bribes from Embraer between 2008 and 2010, inRead More →

(October 2021) – JIM DAVIS SAYS YOU CAN JUDGE A LANDING BY THE WAY A STUDENT PILOT TAKES OFF. If the student doesn’t taxi on the centreline. If the ailerons move when he turns on the taxiway. If he takes power too quickly. If he doesn’t maintain the centreline onRead More →