A RECENT SPATE OF SPECTACULAR JET engine failures reminds us that the development of aircraft has not been so much about aerodynamic advances, but rather, it has been driven by engine development. And the biggest and most fascinating battle amongst the airline manufacturers is not between Airbus and Boeing, butRead More →

Aug’21 – SOUTH AFRICA IS THE MOST AMAZING LAND OF CONTRASTS. There are the obvious terrible contrasts: specifically that we have the highest Gini coefficient of inequality in the world. The ANC government has failed dismally to uplift the poor, so the old African truism; “The rich get richer, whileRead More →

As a general aviation magazine SAA arguably gets more than its fair share of attention in our reports. But the hard truth is that this airline has cost the South African taxpayer around R50 billion in the past 20 years. Hundreds of billions may be wasted by corrupt local authoritiesRead More →

A year ago the Covid-19 pandemic seemed more imaginary than a real threat. When the state of disaster with its lockdown regulations was introduced in March 2020, there was general scepticism, and at best reluctant compliance, in many quarters. But now it’s hitting home – felling many giants in the aviation community. This column is about just three of the larger than life characters who have been taken from us by Covid-19.  In December the second wave of the pandemic hit, and this time it’s far more virulent thatRead More →