FROM A CAA ACCIDENT report released on 16 May 2022: On 28 October 2021, the pilot of a Rand KR-2 two-seat high-performance aircraft with registration ZS-UKU took off on a private flight from Kitty Hawk Aerodrome (FAKT). Visual meteorological conditions (VMC) prevailed at the time of the flight. According toRead More →

Three witnesses all made substantially the same statements. They saw the wings of the aircraft flexing and oscillating up and down along the entire span and it was also longitudinally unstable. They also noticed the wheel bay doors opening and closing in time with the pitching oscillations. This report isRead More →

This report is to promote aviation safety and not to establish legal liability. The CAA’s report contains padding, repetition, poor English and incompetence. So, in the interest of clarity and readability, I have had to correct and paraphrase extensively. Aircraft Registration: ZS-KMS Time of Accident: 12 September 2012 0545Z TypeRead More →

Let me tell YOU about the worst passenger in the world. Any first-year trainee shrink would’ve warned me not to fly with this guy, based on the five shrinkery categories – where the spectrum of scores ranges from one on the left-hand side to ten on the right: • ConscientiousnessRead More →

I’ve been trying to figure out how the five personality traits recognised by psychologists affect the safety and harmony of a flight.  Here they are again.  Conscientiousness  Agreeableness  Neuroticism  Openness to experience   Extraversion  You have three main lines of defense against them:  Brief them properly.  Treat them like talking cargo.  Never trust the buggers. Read More →