Sometimes it takes an event or experience to make you understand the true weight a word carries; like ‘plummeting’ during your first spin. Today I was going to learn to fly ‘complex aircraft’. One of the requirements (a fun one) for the Commercial Pilot Licence is to complete five hoursRead More →

With 300 horses in its throaty engine pulling six seats under wings the size of barn doors, Cessna’s C206 is a mighty workhorse that packs a punch.  While the thought of taming the beast made my knees shake, it was easy to see why pilots love a C206 so much.  It was early morning and my instructor and I were in aRead More →

I had spent years immersing myself in aviation and finding the means to pay for my PPL, months studying and training for it, weeks preparing and now, I am in the final hours and minutes – the PPL Check-ride – Part Two.  We had only been in the air forRead More →