The Aeromod Loadstar Model 100 was a biplane conversion of the Piper PA-18 Super Cub? It’s proof positive that people will take a thing that’s this close to perfect and try to make it…better?  Known as the ‘Aeromod Loadstar Model 100’, this Biplane conversion of the Super Cub, powered byRead More →

The Radial Rocket TD combines nostalgic airframe design and radial engine sound with modern day materials and aerodynamics. The Radial Rocket is an American amateur-built aircraft, produced by the Altitude Group LLC of Overland Park, Kansas. The aircraft is supplied as a kit for amateur construction and features a cantilever low-wing, a sportsRead More →

After taking on a bet it couldn’t be done while drinking beers with his buddies, Jack Bally started building a flyable, 1/3 scale B-17 Flying Fortress.  The one-third scale model B-17 was displayed at AirVenture, and is certified by the FAA in the Experimental category. Named Obsession, but best knownRead More →

What started out as a single flight for a child a few years ago, has grown into a “Monstrous” yearly event for many South African children. “The Children’s Flight’s origins lie in a music video called ‘Paper Plane’, which is essentially about a child with a Dream to fly, butRead More →

During the 1976 National Air Races at Mojave, a stuntman going by the nickname the “The Human Fly” appeared twice riding a DC-8. Standing on a flying DC-8 piloted by well-known pilot Clay Lacy, the “Human Fly” smiled and waved to the crowd below. Spectators looked up in amazement asRead More →

Why are tags on an aircraft and why are they coloured? The purpose of tags All pilots know that there are tags that cover the pitot tube, and that the tag must be removed before flight, otherwise the airspeed indicator and other associated instruments will not operate or give theRead More →

A fully paid luxurious trip available for two. So…Anybody interested in a free ride in a helicopter for 4 people and the trip of a lifetime? I’m still looking for 2 more adults to join us. We leave early Saturday morning from OR Tambo by private jet to Durban. OnRead More →