It is a known fact you can improve the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft by reducing drag.  Have you ever looked at birds in flight and wondered why their wings bend up at the tips, or the feathers flair out. The intended effect is to reduce drag by partial recovery of the tipRead More →

Lockheed Constellation ‘Pegasus’ crash landed onto the icy fields of Antarctica on October 8, 1970. The ill-fated flight had run into a storm and was forced to crash land in impossible weather conditions. Where the aircraft dramatically slid to a halt nearly 35 years ago is the exact same positionRead More →

The Cessna 310 is an American four-to-six-seat, low-wing, twin-engine monoplane produced by Cessna between 1954 and 1980. : The Cessna 310 had a number of firsts: It was the first twin-engine aircraft that Cessna put into production after World War II.  It was the first airplane built by Cessna to have retractable tricycle landingRead More →

September 17th to 24th 1944, marks the 76th anniversary of the start of the largest airbourne operation in history. On the opening day, more than 1,500 Allied aircraft and 500 gliders landed 20,000 troops to capture strategic bridges behind German lines. Despite its boldness, a shortage of transport aircraft, poor weather,Read More →

Before ‘photoshop’, many believed that this ‘now’ famous photo was a fake, with many still believing it is so today. The photograph shows a pilot’s ejection from a jet fighter watched by a tractor driver. According to some sources, including the tractor driver who appears in the picture, the photographerRead More →