DECEMBER 2022 – GUY LEITCH ADVERTISING REVENUES ARE THE LIFEBLOOD. Publications such as this and post-Covid, have been slow to recover. This has accelerated the natural move away from print and into the digital-only space. There have been unexpected benefits – most notably the circulation of SA Flyer has increasedRead More →

AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT REPORT On 29 Nov 2018, Cessna U206D, ZS-DIV, operating as a VFR private flight from Nelspruit to Wonderboom crashed at 1503Z. No flight plan was filed. Aircraft registration: ZS-DIV Date and time of accident: 29 November 2018, 1503Z Type of aircraft: Cessna U206D Type of operation: Private (PartRead More →

Christo Erasmus – A PERSONAL HISTORY In 1949 an Ercoupe, the 415-E model, with the serial number 4975 was born. I’m not exactly sure how she got into South Africa, but she started her life as ZS-BSJ as early as 1950. As with all Ercoupes of the time, she hadRead More →

George Tonkin – Regular readers of the magazine would have noticed a new “Heli Ops” column. In that first column, I introduced myself as the , “The Silver Fox.” I NEVER IMAGINED MYSELF as a writer and most definitely did not dream of a regular monthly column. But anyone whoRead More →

Peter Garrison – Sometimes it’s not the speed that breaks aeroplanes, it’s the slowing down. IN AN ARTICLE ON THE 2012 crash of a Pilatus PC-12, I faulted the National Transportation Safety Board for mixing up indicated and true airspeeds. Actually, it was I who misread the report. I amRead More →

RAY WATTS – September 2022 This month, although not quite as exciting as last month, nevertheless contains a few delicious items. FIRST OF ALL, there is an Embraer 145 added to the register which was seen operating in Russia with her South African registration, ZS-ABB, applied in the last month.Read More →

(TEXT- Guy Leitch, IMAGES – Garth Calitz and Andre Venter) A WONDERFUL LITTLE PLANE! The humble Ercoupe must be one of the most under-rated planes ever. The reason ‘real pilots’ love to heap scorn at it is because it was designed to be as easy to fly as driving aRead More →