(Text and pictures – Guido Warnecke) – It may look the same – but the King Air B360 is a surprisingly big step up from the B350. Ferry pilot Guido Warnecke shares the experience of ferrying this state-of-the-art aircraft from the USA to South Africa. THE KING AIR 360 isRead More →

POSITION REPORT (SAFlyer June 2021) – ‘INDUSTRY NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED FROM STUPID GOVERNMENT’ THERE IS AN ENDURING PERCEPTION in Africa that general aviation (GA) is the plaything of rich whites. So we continue to lose airports to population pressure and land hunger. This is exacerbated by the location ofRead More →

The Twin Cub was the brainchild of Mr. Harold Wagner of the Wagner Aircraft Co. Portland, Oregon. Mr. Wagner wanted to create a simple and cheap twin engine SUV type aircraft and started experimenting with a PA18 Super Cub which he equipped with a second engine on top of theRead More →