Mark Holliday The Mafikeng pre-World Cup Competition in 2000 served both as a pre-World Cup dress-rehearsal and the South African National Champs, in order to select the South African team for the 2001 World Champs. I had logged several hundred practise hours over the preceding months and spent a lot of timeRead More →

Almost all pilots and aviation fans know the PA-18, otherwise known as the Piper Super Cub, but did you know of the PA-19? The PA-18 Super Cub was introduced by Piper in 1949, and was developed in from the Piper J-3 Cub, which also traces its lineage from the TaylorRead More →

1931 Lanier XL-4 Vacuplane. One of the rare, and quite unknown, experiments undertaken in 1928-33 period to explore Edward H Lanier’s ideas on low-speed flight. Lanier’s basic idea was to use a vacuum principle (reduced air pressure) to achieve inherent stability, especially at the challenging near-stalling conditions. He achieved thatRead More →

You can experience the thrill of spending a night on a Boeing, overlooking the African bushveld and the northern Drakensberg mountains. The dream became a reality for Martin den Dunnen and wife Tracy in March 2019 when time, opportunity, and passion collided and a Boeing 737 ZS-BIL was purchased. The AerotelRead More →

The Aeromod Loadstar Model 100 was a biplane conversion of the Piper PA-18 Super Cub? It’s proof positive that people will take a thing that’s this close to perfect and try to make it…better?  Known as the ‘Aeromod Loadstar Model 100’, this Biplane conversion of the Super Cub, powered byRead More →