One of a pilot’s worst nightmares is fire. Fire often manifests itself post-crash, and more often than not, proves fatal, as the occupants are either incapacitated or trapped in the wreckage. HOWEVER… Today batteries are very common place, with more and more devices such as phones, laptops, i-pads, tablets etc.,Read More →

A CYCLOCOPTER drone has successfully flown. Rendering of cyclocopter drone (Picture source: Press service of the Advanced Research Foundation) Compared to a helicopter, the cyclocopter features better maneuverability, is considerably smaller in dimensions and has shielded rotors, which helps the vehicle operate close to buildings and other obstacles. The cyclocopter willRead More →

BA has announced it is retiring its sole A318 (32 seats), pulling the plug on BA1/BA2 all Business Class flights operated between London City and New York JFK. (With a refuelling stop and U.S. pre-clearance at Shannon, Ireland.) IAG said it was “exiting the A318 fleet” as a response toRead More →

This wonderful collection of photos of Tiger Moth ZU-EEG was taken by Rooivalk and TFSA Test Pilot, Petri van Zyl at Mossel Bay, using a Huawei Pro 20 cellphone. The Tiger belongs to South African Zirk Lombard, whose normal job is flying an Airbus A380 for Qatar Airways. The aircraftRead More →

The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) has been involved in getting John Travolta’s former Qantas 707-138B back to Australia. The iconic aircraft will live out its days as a popular tourist attraction once at the HARS Aviation Museum, located just south of Sydney at Albion Park Airport. The current COVID-19Read More →