Things aren’t always what they seem. One of the pleasures of this job is hearing from readers. Some write to correct my errors or to note my omissions. Some are hostile, though the population recommending my immediate consignment to the infernal fires has for some reason dwindled in recent years.Read More →

(BOOK REVIEW by PETER GARRISON) From time to time I find myself in the study of some aficionado of aviation – former Flying Magazine editor Stephan Wilkinson, for example – admiring the cargo of his bookshelves. Many a volume that I would like to sit down with on a rainyRead More →

A friend sent me a copy of an article with the title, “Questioning the Overbanking Tendency.” I did not have to read far to discover the author’s answer: “For all practical purposes,” he states, “there is no such thing as an overbanking tendency.” He has the honour of contradicting theRead More →

It ought not to be true, but it is: In every life there comes a moment when you wish you had a little more fuel. Perhaps the headwind was stronger than forecast; the gauges dropped below a quarter sooner than you hoped they would; the descent and climb for anRead More →