1.) There were never many Beech 17s in South Africa but here are four of them.

ZS-AJT D17S c/n 4885 ex ZS-CLM, CR-LBF, N1591V, NC60004 & 43-10837.

Now in the UK as G-LAJT.

2.) ZS-BBC C17L c/n 124 no previous history available but she went to Finland as OH-BCI in 1940 and was transferred to the Finnish Air Force as BC-1. Became OH-PKA after the war and was written off at Halli Finland.

3.) ZS-OIX D17S c/n 4922 ex VH-MJE, G-AJJJ, FZ432 & 43-10874. She’s still here although she hardly ever gets flown these days.

4.) ZS-PWD YC-43 c/n 295 ex VP-YIV, NC19397, DR628, 39-139. Now in the USA as N295BS but painted up as 36-139 and in a Museum (not sure which one though)

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