It’s always a big thing when Bose announces their next generation aviation headset. Their last big launch was 13 years ago with the A20.

AT SUN N FUN 2023, Bose announced the new A30 Aviation Headset. Bose claims that the, “A30 is an entirely new product, designed to bring pilots the best combination of comfort, noise cancellation and audio clarity of any aviation headset on the market.“

The A30 features reduced clamping force for comfort, improved clarity and a new digital active noise reduction system that enables three modes of user selectable noise cancellation for use in different flight environments – a first for around-ear aviation headsets.”

Matt Ruwe, a pilot and senior product manager for Bose says, “When we asked pilots what improvement was most important to them, their overwhelming response was comfort,” he said. “We took that seriously and developed a new balance in the A30 with noticeably more comfort while maintaining and enhancing headset performance. The changes amplify the experience for our core A20 users while appealing to a broader range of pilots.”

The new controller – battery life is said to be 45 hours.

Noise Cancelling

Of course, it’s all still about noise reduction.

“TheA30s improved digital active noise reduction system provides full attenuation in even louder environments compared to the Bose A20.Incoming signals are automatically shaped and equalised for enhanced clarity and intelligibility, providing renewed balance and unmatched audio clarity. The new fully digital active noise reduction (ANR) system provides a minimum of 45 hours from two AA alkaline batteries in typical aircraft noise.”



Building on the success of the A20, theA30 retains the centre pivot spring design in the headband but now boasts a 20% reduction in clamping force. Additionally, engineers shifted the headset’s centre of gravity to ensure stability.

Together, these features reduce hot spots and improve fit across a wider range of head sizes, making long flights more comfortable.

‘After a 13 year wait the new Bose A30 is here.’

Left or Right?  

Pilots can transfer the A30’s boom mic and cable to either side of the headset without tools.

Noise Reduction:

There are three modes of user selectable noise cancellation: The high, medium and low modes will benefit pilots in nearly all flying use cases and environments.


When enabled via a user selectable switch, the A30 also allows pilots to double-tap the earcups for easy talk-through communication off intercom.

Will it last?

As part of Bose’s research and development, the A30 passed more than145 separate tests to ensure the headset will successfully endure the harshest cockpit environments. These tests included extreme heat, electricity, explosive atmosphere testing, extended wear and many more.

The case:

The A30 carrying case features internal zippered storage and padded sides for extra protection.


We don’t have South African prices yet, but the Bose A30 will retail for $1,249 in the U.S. and will be available from March 28, 2023. It can be ordered online or through the worldwide Bose dealer network.

The A30 comes with a five-year warranty that covers parts and labour.

Bose is so confident of the product that they offer a 30-day flight trial to allow customers to experience the A30 in their own flying environments.

The A30 is designed for all cockpit environments.