THERE IS VERY GOOD NEWS for aspiring pilots. The pilot shortage is going to reach critical levels in the next few years, driving up pay and working conditions as airlines compete to attract and retain pilots. Facebook forum FlyAfrica has many senior and former pilots. A recent discussion is insightful:Read More →

March 2023 – LOOKING AT THE ADVERTISEMENTS for planes for sale is worrying. It’s not just the usual crop of aircraft from people wanting to trade up. There is a far greater proportion of pilots selling everything: their planes, headsets and hangars. In other words, they are done with flying.Read More →

Guy Leitch – It has been a surprisingly full year in aviation. Both in the humble corridors of general aviation and at the airline industry level. General Aviation’s Winners and Losers. Big winners have been general aviation aircraft owners. One of the surprises for me has been the huge increaseRead More →

Christo Erasmus – A PERSONAL HISTORY In 1949 an Ercoupe, the 415-E model, with the serial number 4975 was born. I’m not exactly sure how she got into South Africa, but she started her life as ZS-BSJ as early as 1950. As with all Ercoupes of the time, she hadRead More →