LETTERS I AM THE CHAIRMAN (Old Bill) of the Moth (Memorial Order of the Tin Hat) Organization in Harrismith and more specifically, the Platberg Shellhole. We are a Charity Organization that focus on the wellbeing of old soldiers, including soldiers from World War 2, the Korean War and any otherRead More →

BOOK REVIEW – DAVE UNWIN As the editor of a number of UK aviation magazines Dave Unwin has flown an astonishing variety of planes. He is one of the world’s best-known aviation writers and an occasional contributor to SA Flyer’s fly tests. DAVE HAS BEEN FLYING since 1985 and hasRead More →

The relationship between pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC) is often fractious. Pilots hate being told what to do – and ATC often has more than enough reason to consider pilots to be idiots. A RECENT INCIDENT AT GEORGE AIRPORT where pilots and ATC blamed each other for an airlinerRead More →

Prior to the world losing its marbles over a particular ‘flu strain, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had some interesting stats, that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) concurred with. IT WAS CALCULATED THAT by 2024 around 42% of the entire US Airline Transport Pilot workforce would have retired (pre-madness).Read More →

September 2021 I’D LIKE TO START THIS MONTH with a note that I got from the owner of one of the aircraft that I recorded as exported to the USA in last month’s review: Piper Super Cub ZS-DEH. He writes; “I just read the SA Flyer and saw you mentionedRead More →

November 2021 – I was chatting to a professional pilot and was unsurprised when he said that he was finished with the CAA. HE SAID IS GOING TO MOVE his type certified aircraft onto the American N-register and just not bother screwing around with the increasingly dysfunctional ex-RASA component ofRead More →

(Part Two) In last month’s story, Hugh recounts how he came to be flying far out into the Libyan desert to set up a Magnavox, the forerunner of the GPS receiver. Now he had to get back to their remote camp – and a fearsome Gibli wind was beginning toRead More →