It is a known fact you can improve the efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft by reducing drag.  Have you ever looked at birds in flight and wondered why their wings bend up at the tips, or the feathers flair out. The intended effect is to reduce drag by partial recovery of the tipRead More →

The Cessna 310 is an American four-to-six-seat, low-wing, twin-engine monoplane produced by Cessna between 1954 and 1980. : The Cessna 310 had a number of firsts: It was the first twin-engine aircraft that Cessna put into production after World War II.  It was the first airplane built by Cessna to have retractable tricycle landingRead More →

Based on the company’s two-seat Robinson R22, the R44 was Robinson Helicopter Company’s first four-seat light helicopter Designed during the 1980s by Frank Robinson and his staff of engineers, the R44 first flew on 31 March 1990. A second prototype was built, and the R44 Astro was awarded an FAA Type Certificate in DecemberRead More →

“Several Starship prototypes were destroyed during testing” In April, SpaceX successfully pulled off the first ‘hop’ test for its Starship prototype, the SN5. Last week, the company has once again repeated that feat with the SN6, a rocket which Elon Musk has previously referred to as a flying water tower, dueRead More →