(Story & Pics Rob Russell) – Ag Aviation Africa (AAA), the Sub-Saharan and the Middle East agent for Air Tractor, hosted an open day and launch party before the Stellenbosch airshow to introduce their newly approved Aircraft Training Organisation (ATO), Ag Aviation Flight Academy (AAFA). THE AVIATION COMMUNITY, customers, potentialRead More →

As the airline industry slowly returns to a ‘new normal’, Johannesburg based carrier CemAir is thriving. The airline is pushing ahead, into the gaps in the market left by the departure of competitors such as SA Express and Mango, and the slow restart of SAA. CemAir CFO Dr Laura vanRead More →

(7 DECEMBER 1943 – 24 APRIL 2022) – Tiro Vorster was a world-renowned aviation artist. He was a Fellow of the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA) and this information comes from ASAA and from a profile in World Airnews by Pieter Cronjé. TIRO VORSTER GREW UP IN MIDDELBURG TransvaalRead More →

American fighter pilot Col. Robin Olds stood by the mantra “preparedness wins the battle.” He should have known, becoming a triple ace in the Vietnam sky while flying 152 missions in Southeast Asia in an F-4 Phantom jet, a pig of a dog-fighter. IN THE GUN-TOTING MIG-INFESTED North, he sharpenedRead More →

Recreational pilots may be forgiven for sometimes thinking that airline pilots have a boring job, flying the same routes, day in and day out, to strict procedures, while maximising fuel efficiency to keep the bean-counters happy. HOWEVER, EVEN WITH AIRLINE FLYING, there are opportunities for pilots to have a bitRead More →

DASSAULT AVIATION HAS launched its latest and largest biz-jet, the Falcon 10X. Still in development, the aircraft won’t be marketed for several years, but the company had a virtual rollout to highlight the features of what it claims will be the business jet with the world’s largest cabin. The FalconRead More →