Learjet—an iconic name and an iconic aircraft—will come to an end in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to current owner Bombardier Inc. That’s when the last of the most recent model, the Learjet 75, will leave the Learjet manufacturing facility at Wichita’s Dwight D. Eisenhower Airport. The news wasRead More →

TEST FLIGHT (By Frans Grotepass)  The Vansin is a unique aircraft. The product of the prodigiously talented and skilled Carel van Aswegen – this wonderful example of the homebuilders’ art is being cherished and continuously refined by the inimitable Prof Frans Grotepass, a retired Voluntary Red Cross Air Mercy Pilot and still an active maxillo-facial surgeon in Durbanville Cape Town.   The Remarkable Carel van Aswegen  Carel van Aswegen was born in theRead More →

With 300 horses in its throaty engine pulling six seats under wings the size of barn doors, Cessna’s C206 is a mighty workhorse that packs a punch.  While the thought of taming the beast made my knees shake, it was easy to see why pilots love a C206 so much.  It was early morning and my instructor and I were in aRead More →

(Mike Brown) – Jammed controls in flight is the stuff of nightmares. This pilot had his elevator jam on takeoff and gave him and his passengers an unforgettable experience. Two friends were visiting for a few days from Cape Town, and I planned a pleasant sight-seeing flip for them beforeRead More →

Almost all pilots and aviation fans know the PA-18, otherwise known as the Piper Super Cub, but did you know of the PA-19? The PA-18 Super Cub was introduced by Piper in 1949, and was developed in from the Piper J-3 Cub, which also traces its lineage from the TaylorRead More →