Recreational pilots may be forgiven for sometimes thinking that airline pilots have a boring job, flying the same routes, day in and day out, to strict procedures, while maximising fuel efficiency to keep the bean-counters happy. HOWEVER, EVEN WITH AIRLINE FLYING, there are opportunities for pilots to have a bitRead More →

DASSAULT AVIATION HAS launched its latest and largest biz-jet, the Falcon 10X. Still in development, the aircraft won’t be marketed for several years, but the company had a virtual rollout to highlight the features of what it claims will be the business jet with the world’s largest cabin. The FalconRead More →

(Text: Jason Beamish and Guy Leitch Images: Shane Doyle) The Savage Bobber must be the ultimate Piper Cub in that it has been stripped down to the absolute bare essentials for flight. This unique aircraft with its uncovered fuselage is like nothing else on the market. THE BIG IDEA ISRead More →

Arizona’s Rotor X wants to step up from being the world’s biggest kit helicopter manufacturer and get into the e-VTOL game. Their design is “dramatically more efficient and less expensive than all other e-VTOL concepts being proposed or developed today.” Its huge blades could also make it one of theRead More →

(Peter Garrison) Where Do Little Aeroplanes Come From? They grow in the heads of little kids… AS A YOUNG BOY I LOVED AEROPLANES. It was in the late forties and early fifties, the era when jets were replacing props. Except for the Douglas Skyraider – a great homely radial-engine taildraggingRead More →