(Guy Leitch Flight Test) – As Avgas prices head for R40/ litre the need for an alternative to Avgas powered planes becomes ever more pressing. The good news is that, for the past 16 years, Jet-A diesel piston engine technology has been quietly maturing. It has now become a well-developedRead More →

Pilatus Aircraft finally produced the last PC-6 Turbo Porter after announcing the model’s end of production in 2017, completing a 63-year chapter that began in 1959. THE PC-6 IS FAMOUS for its utilitarian looks and for its short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities. It has been equipped with piston andRead More →

Peter Garrison– The Bugatti 100P was a beautiful blend of art and engineering. THE LEGENDARY BUGATTI 100P racer was a collaboration, begun in the late 1930s, between Italian-French car builder Ettore Bugatti and French freelance designer Louis de Monge de Franeau. The original aeroplane, its development interrupted by the outbreakRead More →

Guy Leitch – Aviation has a fascinating ability to suck people, who should know better, into investing in fundamentally absurd ideas. LEAVING ASIDE THE ONGOING delusion of flying cars, the two absurdities that continue to grip people’s imagination are the notions that: Firstly, supersonic airliners will be with us beforeRead More →

“An Affordable Bush Aircraft” Text – Julian Smith, Keaton Perkins, Guy Leitch. Pics – Bruce Perkins and Noel Sellick Africa is a naturally strong market for a locally developed and built, yet thoroughly proven, light sport bush plane. The Bush Cat is one such aircraft that has evolved into whatRead More →

June 2022 – IT IS SAID THAT AVIATION leads an economic downturn and lags the recovery. The South African economy may be getting over the disaster of the Covid pandemic but the general aviation industry is still lagging the much awaited bounce back. The relatively low turnout of just 35Read More →

APRIL’S AMENDMENTS ARE VERY interesting. There was a total of seven Type Certified aircraft (TCA) registered, being seven fixed wing and two helicopters. One of the new registrations is ZS-AAC (5) a Kodiak 100. This has been operating in Botswana as N54KQ for some while now. The registration ZS-AAC hasRead More →

TEXTRON AVIATION has been on an upgrade spree of its jets and is now turning the spotlight to its line-up of piston aircraft. The Beechcraft Baron, Bonanza, and Cessna high-wing aircraft will all receive major upgrades. New models are expected to begin rolling out as early as mid- 2022. TheRead More →

Recreational pilots may be forgiven for sometimes thinking that airline pilots have a boring job, flying the same routes, day in and day out, to strict procedures, while maximising fuel efficiency to keep the bean-counters happy. HOWEVER, EVEN WITH AIRLINE FLYING, there are opportunities for pilots to have a bitRead More →