Beechcraft’s new single-engine turboprop; the Denali, completed its first flight on 23 November. The 2-hr. 50-m flight by the Denali prototype took it to a test site over Cheney Lake west of Wichita, accompanied by a Cessna Citation chase aircraft. The flight departed Textron Aviation’s west campus at Eisenhower InternationalRead More →

The first Citation flew in 1969 and with its turbofans, accessible entry price and undemanding handling, it revolutionised the bizjet market. The success of the Citation range has made the name Citation synonymous with business aircraft. CESSNA HAS NOW DELIVERED more than 7,200 Citations. From its entry level Citation MustangsRead More →

JIM DAVIS SHARES THE DELIGHTS OF THE MAGIC GROB (Text: Jim Davis Images: Guy Leitch) – There was this guy in Uitenhage who did his whole PPL on one drum of fuel. That’s 40 hours on 40 gallons, He was flying a Grob G-109. The Grob 109B is a wonderfulRead More →

September 2021 I’D LIKE TO START THIS MONTH with a note that I got from the owner of one of the aircraft that I recorded as exported to the USA in last month’s review: Piper Super Cub ZS-DEH. He writes; “I just read the SA Flyer and saw you mentionedRead More →

TEXTRON HAVE BEEN LISTENING to their customers and have incorporated many features into the King Air 360 that are a direct response to customer feedback. With more than 7,000 King Airs in service— including 1,300 of the 350 series made— the model was ripe for a facelift. The 360 representsRead More →

Plastic? Unattainium? We haven’t quite decided yet. DURING WORLD WAR II the British adopted the term “boffin” for scientists or engineers secretly developing novel weapons, inventing radar, breaking codes and so on. Frank Whittle, one of the creators of the jet engine, was a notable boffin. Another, less well knownRead More →