The JSE-listed group went into business rescue in May this year If its business rescue plan is accepted, Comair, the parent company of two South African brands, Kulula.Com as well as British Airways (under a licence agreement), says it hopes to begin flying again in December. The publication of theRead More →

The flight from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi operated by El Al with a Boeing 737-900ER (4X-EHD) This is El Al’s first flight to the United Arab Emirates. The flight happened today (August 31, 2020), carrying Israeli and US delegations. The original flight details below: LY971 Tel Aviv – Abu DhabiRead More →

Boeing has ordered the removal from service of eight recently built 787s which have been identified as suffering from two distinct manufacturing issues that compromised part of the aircraft’s structure. An area of the structure in the rear of the 787 Dreamliner is unable to withstand the maximum stress. Boeing disclosesRead More →

After operating in stealth mode for the last four years, San Francisco-based Xwing said in a news release last week it has carried out a number of passenger-carrying flights from take-off to landing remotely using a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. Xwing’s Auto-flight System retrofits existing aircraft into optionally piloted vehicles byRead More →

SAA is set to re-launch in January 2021, according to a report from the South African Sunday Times. The report stated that the government is working with private sector investors for the re-launch – and that it had received “more than 10 unsolicited offers” to partner with SAA. These interested investorsRead More →

COVID-19 has forced an unexpected aviation crisis. Airlines are rediscovering past operating models and the virtues of hubbing flights, or are they? Many industry pundits said that the ‘Hub and Spoke’ model was dead, but COVID-19 is making industry experts re-access this model. Could the COVID-19 pandemic force the resurrectionRead More →