This aircraft is something all pilots should be excited about. A mysterious bullet-shaped plane was spotted at the Southern California Logistics Airport near Victorville in April 2017. Its unusual design prompted immediate speculation. Now the Celera 500L has finally been revealed to the world. This is a private aircraft thatRead More →

After operating in stealth mode for the last four years, San Francisco-based Xwing said in a news release last week it has carried out a number of passenger-carrying flights from take-off to landing remotely using a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan. Xwing’s Auto-flight System retrofits existing aircraft into optionally piloted vehicles byRead More →

Aviation authorities the world over have the responsibility of overseeing aviation safety and security as well as developing the aviation industries in their countries. Aviation safety and the development of aviation are two things that are mostly at loggerheads with each other: a terrific safety record can be achieved byRead More →

It’s not often that our Civil Aviation Authority provides us with South African aviation statistics, yet statistics are a cornerstone of aviation safety.  Analysis of pilots, aircraft, accidents, hours flown, level of qualifications, types of operations and licence types can yield valuable statistical clustering which may help identify safety issuesRead More →