“Several Starship prototypes were destroyed during testing” In April, SpaceX successfully pulled off the first ‘hop’ test for its Starship prototype, the SN5. Last week, the company has once again repeated that feat with the SN6, a rocket which Elon Musk has previously referred to as a flying water tower, dueRead More →

Aviation authorities the world over have the responsibility of overseeing aviation safety and security as well as developing the aviation industries in their countries. Aviation safety and the development of aviation are two things that are mostly at loggerheads with each other: a terrific safety record can be achieved byRead More →

Survey Flying – This type of flying can be particularly satisfying because the benefits of accurate piloting and navigation are clearly reflected in the results.  In the ‘60s before the advent of modern technology such as satellites, drones, Lidar and related software most survey work was done using aircraft ofRead More →

Low flying is exhilarating and something that plenty of pilots do – or are tempted to do. Many pilots have come to grief carrying out low level manoeuvres when testosterone took over and attempts were being made to impress girlfriends.  In the air force low-flying is taught as an exercise.Read More →