Part 1 –This month’s story is about the dreaded CPL Checkride and what it was like: Is it a real-world scenario-based test? Or a box ticking exercise? It was my turn to find out. I FOUND THIS PIECE more difficult to write than most: As much as people encourage us,Read More →

The relationship between pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC) is often fractious. Pilots hate being told what to do – and ATC often has more than enough reason to consider pilots to be idiots. A RECENT INCIDENT AT GEORGE AIRPORT where pilots and ATC blamed each other for an airlinerRead More →

Prior to the world losing its marbles over a particular ‘flu strain, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had some interesting stats, that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) concurred with. IT WAS CALCULATED THAT by 2024 around 42% of the entire US Airline Transport Pilot workforce would have retired (pre-madness).Read More →

I was spending my afternoon bean-counting. All the ‘one-point-somethings’ in my logbook were steadily adding up towards the ‘Magic 200’ as I counted and test time was near. THE PROSPECT OF SOMEHOW finding a way to accumulate 200 hours had often left my throat dry. But now that it wasRead More →

The US Immigration EB-2 NIW green card not always a slam-dunk. (By Dianne Stewart – President, PathwayUSA, Charlotte, NC, USA) So you’re a pilot with ATP and possibly even FAA licences. You would like to live and fly in the USA, and you’ve been told you can get an EB-2Read More →

Things aren’t always what they seem. One of the pleasures of this job is hearing from readers. Some write to correct my errors or to note my omissions. Some are hostile, though the population recommending my immediate consignment to the infernal fires has for some reason dwindled in recent years.Read More →