The E6B Flight Computer, or simply the “whiz wheel”, is a mechanical circular slide rule used in aviation. They are mostly used in flight training, but many professional and even airline pilots still carry and use these flight computers. These flight computers are used during flight planning (on the groundRead More →

Here are two options to consider. DISTANCE When cruising at 10,000 feet. (10,000/1,000) x5 = 50 miles out and this allows for most piston airplanes to maintain 500 ft/min all the way down to desired altitude. Commercial and Jet aircraft use a multiplier of 3 and 2000 ft/min. Many pilotsRead More →

Siebrits het gesê hy sal Donderdagaand tydens die besigheidskamer se netwerkaand die hele situasie meer breedvoerig verduidelik. TUINROETE NUUS – ‘n Verdere ekonomiese ramp tref Oudtshoorn aan die einde van November as die Aifa-vliegskool hulle huidige studente na George verskuif.  Volgens Pikkie Siebrits, hoof uitvoerende beampte van Aifa, is ditRead More →

Why are tags on an aircraft and why are they coloured? The purpose of tags All pilots know that there are tags that cover the pitot tube, and that the tag must be removed before flight, otherwise the airspeed indicator and other associated instruments will not operate or give theRead More →

Just to prove that pilots do have a sense of humour. AIRSPEED – Speed of an airplane. (Deduct 25% when listening to a retired or an inebriated pilot.) BANK – The people who hold the loan on most pilots’ cars, homes and aircraft. CARBURETOR ICING – A phenomenon reported toRead More →

Call for Applications for the DSI-CSIR Inter-Bursary Support Programme 2021. CAASA are looking for students in Aerospace and Composites.  The application forms are available online, you can find all the details (and links) in the below email. The closing date for applications is 23 October 2020.  NO late applications will be considered. Yolandi or Sam can be contacted at theRead More →

If you were the CFI, what could you have done differently in this situation? (Above picture is not the accident aircraft discussed) CFI/Student: Runway Over-run On Landing We found the following NASA ASRS report, written in 2018. A CFI flying with a student practicing landings describes a runway overrun event that, fortunately,Read More →

Heavily Oversubscribed University of Cape Town’s Distinguished Professor Philippe Salazar’s Master’s and PhD Aviation Law courses advertised in SA Flyer in August 2020 have been heavily oversubscribed. Prof Salazar writes, “We have received many applications from airline pilots to lawyers and the industry, and from quite a variety of countries.Read More →

(Credits to Bold Method and Colin Cutler) Re-edited Julian Smith. At first glance, it looks like the wings are straight on most light aircraft. But that’s not actually the case. Almost all aircraft have something called washout built into their wings, and it makes them more stable in a stall. What isRead More →

SYNOPSIS The pilot, who was the sole occupant onboard the aircraft, was on a private flight from Wonderboom Aerodrome to Grand Central Aerodrome. His intention was to uplift two passengers at Grand Central from where they would have flown to New Tempe Aerodrome near Bloemfontein. The pilot was cleared forRead More →