The US Immigration EB-2 NIW green card not always a slam-dunk. (By Dianne Stewart – President, PathwayUSA, Charlotte, NC, USA) So you’re a pilot with ATP and possibly even FAA licences. You would like to live and fly in the USA, and you’ve been told you can get an EB-2Read More →

Things aren’t always what they seem. One of the pleasures of this job is hearing from readers. Some write to correct my errors or to note my omissions. Some are hostile, though the population recommending my immediate consignment to the infernal fires has for some reason dwindled in recent years.Read More →

Let me tell YOU about the worst passenger in the world. Any first-year trainee shrink would’ve warned me not to fly with this guy, based on the five shrinkery categories – where the spectrum of scores ranges from one on the left-hand side to ten on the right: • ConscientiousnessRead More →