Heavily Oversubscribed University of Cape Town’s Distinguished Professor Philippe Salazar’s Master’s and PhD Aviation Law courses advertised in SA Flyer in August 2020 have been heavily oversubscribed. Prof Salazar writes, “We have received many applications from airline pilots to lawyers and the industry, and from quite a variety of countries.Read More →

SYNOPSIS The pilot, who was the sole occupant onboard the aircraft, was on a private flight from Wonderboom Aerodrome to Grand Central Aerodrome. His intention was to uplift two passengers at Grand Central from where they would have flown to New Tempe Aerodrome near Bloemfontein. The pilot was cleared forRead More →

You know how you have this picture frozen in your mind of where you were, and what you were doing, when some huge event happened, like the World Trade Centre nonsense? Well I can tell you exactly what was happening when, like a blinding flash of light, I suddenly knewRead More →

A friend sent me a copy of an article with the title, “Questioning the Overbanking Tendency.” I did not have to read far to discover the author’s answer: “For all practical purposes,” he states, “there is no such thing as an overbanking tendency.” He has the honour of contradicting theRead More →

The cargo compartment smoke warning came as a surprise. This was a heavy-weight take-off, well above maximum landing weight and the aircraft was not even through a thousand feet above ground level (AGL). Air Traffic Control were informed of the intention to return immediately. The ECAM (Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitoring)Read More →

This report was compiled in the interests of promoting aviation safety and reduction of the risk of aviation accidents or incidents and not to establish legal liability. SYNOPSIS  On 23 July 2006, the aircraft took off from Worcester Aerodrome on a private flight to Grabouw Private Aerodrome. When the aircraftRead More →

I had spent years immersing myself in aviation and finding the means to pay for my PPL, months studying and training for it, weeks preparing and now, I am in the final hours and minutes – the PPL Check-ride – Part Two.  We had only been in the air forRead More →