(Dapper Dan) My name is Dapper Dan and I fly aeroplanes… like a boss. I’m known to regularly recall the time I landed a 19 seater in 53… wait for it: STEPS!!! “If you think that’s impossible, you should have seen the chap from the UN!” I am a man at theRead More →

With 300 horses in its throaty engine pulling six seats under wings the size of barn doors, Cessna’s C206 is a mighty workhorse that packs a punch.  While the thought of taming the beast made my knees shake, it was easy to see why pilots love a C206 so much.  It was early morning and my instructor and I were in aRead More →

(Mike Brown) – Jammed controls in flight is the stuff of nightmares. This pilot had his elevator jam on takeoff and gave him and his passengers an unforgettable experience. Two friends were visiting for a few days from Cape Town, and I planned a pleasant sight-seeing flip for them beforeRead More →

African recovery and return to economic growth following the Covid-19 pandemic presented a significant opportunity to the general aviation sector across the continent, but particularly in South Africa, SA Flyer editor Guy Leitch pointed out when he was addressing the Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa’s virtual 2020 symposium. “South African general aviation isRead More →

The E6B Flight Computer, or simply the “whiz wheel”, is a mechanical circular slide rule used in aviation. They are mostly used in flight training, but many professional and even airline pilots still carry and use these flight computers. These flight computers are used during flight planning (on the groundRead More →

Here are two options to consider. DISTANCE When cruising at 10,000 feet. (10,000/1,000) x5 = 50 miles out and this allows for most piston airplanes to maintain 500 ft/min all the way down to desired altitude. Commercial and Jet aircraft use a multiplier of 3 and 2000 ft/min. Many pilotsRead More →

Siebrits het gesê hy sal Donderdagaand tydens die besigheidskamer se netwerkaand die hele situasie meer breedvoerig verduidelik. TUINROETE NUUS – ‘n Verdere ekonomiese ramp tref Oudtshoorn aan die einde van November as die Aifa-vliegskool hulle huidige studente na George verskuif.  Volgens Pikkie Siebrits, hoof uitvoerende beampte van Aifa, is ditRead More →