For those who have been in the sharp end of anything that flies, you would be aware of those moments when things didn’t exactly go according to plan, whether it be by act, omission or just plain bad luck. I THINK I KICKED THINGS OFF in this regard at theRead More →

Plastic? Unattainium? We haven’t quite decided yet. DURING WORLD WAR II the British adopted the term “boffin” for scientists or engineers secretly developing novel weapons, inventing radar, breaking codes and so on. Frank Whittle, one of the creators of the jet engine, was a notable boffin. Another, less well knownRead More →

The internationally respected former head of SAA route network planning, Sylvain Bosc, commenting about Cynthia Stimpel’s book Hijackers on Board, on her whistleblowing at SAA said: “Democratic systems tend to be ineffective against people who have no respect for the law, no shame, no integrity, no limit and no fear,Read More →

What is it about some people that they just have to prove that they are superior to everybody else? The flight deck of an aircraft is fertile ground for anybody of this unfortunate chauvinistic disposition. Chauvinism is not restricted to gender alone. This particular form of arrogance can apply toRead More →

AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT REPORT: This report is to promote aviation safety and not to establish legal liability. The CAA’s report contains padding, repetition, poor English and incompetence. So, in the interest of clarity and readability, I have had to correct and paraphrase extensively. Aircraft Registration: ZS-ETH Time of Incident: 0740Z TypeRead More →

Book Review: QUINTIN HAWTHORNE SOUTH AFRICA HAS A WONDERFULLY rich history of aerobatics, and many of our greatest pilots first showed what they are capable of in aerobatic competitions. For anyone with even a passing interest in the aerial ballet that is competition aerobatics Quintin Hawthorne’s book is a must-haveRead More →