Airlink has been one of the star survivors of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is seizing opportunities to expand its network across Africa – and is rapidly expanding its fleet to accommodate the many new opportunities it has made. AviaDev’s Jon Howell (JH) asks Airlink’s CEO Rodger Foster (RF) how heRead More →

November 2021 FOR A CHANGE, I’m going to start out with a cancellation. It’s not often in these articles that we get to talk about one of the icons of aviation, the Douglas C-47 or DC3. The cancellation of note is ZS-NTE. She started out life on 24 September 1943Read More →

AIRLINE OPS  – The concept of a combination of knowledge, physical flying skills and correct attitude (KSA for short) would be well known to those who have been involved in any advanced aviation training program. Within the General Aviation (GA) environment, this would be referred to as Airmanship, which toRead More →

I often get asked how general aviation is doing. The answer is – I don’t know. Some parts seem to be doing really well, others really badly. A COMMON PERCEPTION is that general aviation is dying, largely due to it becoming too expensive and oppressed by the CAA – andRead More →

(Part 2) – With only one more flight lying between me and a Blue Book, I strapped myself into the seat for the last time and prepared to take on the CPL Checkride. THEY WARNED ME that the examiner didn’t speak much – unless something was wrong of course. AlthoughRead More →

If the runway’s too short, at least it’s virtual. GALEN HANSELMAN, who has published several guidebooks and charts for pilots interested in landing on something other than 5,000-foot paved runways, sent me his two-volume flyer’s guide to Utah and the associated “Supplemental World Aeronautical Chart,” which resembles a WAC chartRead More →

SA Flyer was launched in 1995. In 2006 Guy Leitch assumed control as the editor and publisher. With over 310 monthly editions released to date, SA Flyer has established itself as the foremost authority and opinion leader on aviation insights, news and trends for a host of loyal readers andRead More →

I spent eleven exciting, sometimes challenging and often very amusing years flying for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), The main reason why I enjoyed those years so much was that it would be difficult to find a more admirable, brave and amusing bunch of people to workRead More →