(BOOK REVIEW by PETER GARRISON) From time to time I find myself in the study of some aficionado of aviation – former Flying Magazine editor Stephan Wilkinson, for example – admiring the cargo of his bookshelves. Many a volume that I would like to sit down with on a rainyRead More →

(Book Review). A long-awaited book that has been released in time for Christmas reading and as a treasured gift is Scully Levin’s biography: Punching Holes in the Sky. Scully is a living legend in South African aviation. His achievements would fill a book – and so he has.  As a bright-eyed kid fromRead More →

Vincent Reffet 1984-2020.French extreme sports athlete Vince Reffet has died after a jet suit training incident in the desert near Dubai. The 36-year-old was the second person on the planet to fly Yves Rossi’s Jetman flight suit. The Jetman team announced Reffet’s passing today with a  short FaceBook post; “ItRead More →

We at SAFlyer and FlightCom magazines now have a Doctor as an editor. A huge congratulations to our editor and publisher Guy Leitch on graduating today as a Doctor of Philosophy in Management of Technology and Innovation – Thesis: Air connectivity conceptual models to address the allocation of resources toRead More →

Top Gun was released in 1986, and cemented Tom Cruise’s status as a movie star, while wowing audiences with its thrilling jet fighter real-life action scenes. The movie spotlighted military aerial combat in a way that no movie ever had before. It’s no wonder that even over three decades later peopleRead More →

Admired by many and hated by a few, any beauty queen will turn heads, and for pilots especially so when they pose next to a piece of military hardware, in these two cases a Mirage of the South African Air Force. Anneline Kriel (born 28 July 1955) is a South AfricanRead More →

Skip Stewart is best known for his high-energy aerobatics routine, which includes very low and slow knife-edge passes. His performances most often involve transitioning into slow knife-edge flight immediately after take-off, followed by an outside-banked turn as he sets up for his routine. The performances themselves involve extreme positive and negative G-manoeuvres,Read More →