Children’s Flight Sponsorship Fundraiser – Support a worthy cause.

Just imagine flying in a Huey! Or being aerotowed in a performance sailplane out of the picturesque Orient Airfield. You are running out of time!! There are only 20 tickets per aircraft type…this is your chance to fly with a legend in a legend machine for the price of a night at a restaurant! Most importantly your ticket enables us to give the kids the experience of a lifetime – get yours now!

Proceeds go to the Limited Edition Event at Orient Airfield on the 6th of November.

Each of the Participating Pilots are Stars in the South African Air Show Circuit, some even compete on the International Stage at Flying Competitions Around the World.

We would like to look for a maximum of twenty x R500 individual sponsors per pilot (keeping the odds at worst at 1 in 20 of winning) and then draw from each group of twenty, one name to enjoy a gratuitous exposure flight with that pilot of the 2020 Childrens Flight, at a later date of convenience to both pilot and sponsor.

We would like to thank the following pilots for offering their pax seats as a gesture to the sponsors to make the fund raiser possible.

Nigel Hopkins
Patrick Davidson
Barrie Eeles
Trevor Warner
Ryan Beeton
Derek Hopkins
Elton Bondi
Ivan van der Schaar
Johan van Solms
Menno Parsons
Charles Fuller
Rob Osner

The Glider Flight with Karl van Seyldlitz will be for one of twenty R1000 sponsors.

We will draw for each pilot on the 29th of October at 1500. The draw will be a live stream and the person drawing will be absolutely neutral.

All funds collected will be used to support the event overheads.

Please pledge with me Felix on whatts app or direct line


Support the Children of 2020, by taking one or more of twenty Raffle Tickets to fly a RV8/7 Sortie with Derek Hopkins out of Eagles Creek…. all proceeds to the Limited Edition Event at Orient Airfield on the 6th of November…. where among the best pilots are gathering for those children who’ve never had the chanc
Patrick Davidson will be one of the supporting pilots.

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