Countries and airlines have banned flights from South Africa, due to the new variant of the Coronavirus in South Africa which may be responsible for the recent surge in infections.

Sudan has banned travellers from South Africa, Britain and the Netherlands from 23 December 2020. The ban will last 3 weeks subject to renewal.

Switzerland has imposed an entry ban on arrivals from Britain and South Africa, and ordered retroactive quarantine. All persons who have entered Switzerland from these two countries since 14 December 2020 must go into quarantine for 10 days.

El Salvador has also banned travellers who have been in Britain or South Africa in the last 30 days or whose flights included a layover in them.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have halted flights to and from South Africa.

Any travellers returning to Israel, who had spent any period of time in either Britain, Denmark or South Africa in the past 30-days, will be subject to a mandatory quarantine period.

Germany has suspended flights from the UK and South Africa as from 21 December 2020 until 06 January 2021. People who have valid residency permits for Germany could return from 01 January 2021. Travellers who arrived from the affected countries or who spent time there in the last 10 days would be required to be tested for the coronavirus and quarantine rules apply.

Mauritius has banned all travellers who have been in South Africa or the UK in the past 14 days. Non-resident travellers who come from or have been in transit in the two countries during the last 14 days (as at 21 December 2020) will not be allowed to enter Mauritius until 31 December 2020.

The Netherlands has banned all passenger flights from South Africa with immediate effect until at least 01 January 2021. An exception would be made for medical workers, and cargo flights are still allowed.

Panama will deny entry to travellers who have been to South Africa in the last 20 days. The ban is temporary and applies to passengers entering by air, land or sea.

Uzbekistan has implemented a ban on travellers from South Africa until 10 January 2020. 

Guatemala has banned flights to and from SA and the UK.

Tunisia has suspended all air travel with Britain, Australia and South Africa. 

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