Wed 2 Sep, 2020 started as another boring or same old day for most of us, but not for David Blaine.

The 47-year-old magician, endurance performer and the world famous Illusionist Blaine once again defied the odds in an epic live stunt filmed on YouTube.

David Blaine did what many have dreamed about. He flew using helium Balloons (52 total from 8ft to 3ft circumference).

After strapping himself to the colourful balloons (which reminded many of the Disney/Pixar movie Up, and were created in many colours for Blaine’s 9-year-old daughter, Dessa), he rose up to an altitude of 24,900ft.

At this altitude the temperature was a very mind numbing 1 degree F (-17 degrees C), from where he released the helium filled balloons and fell in freefall.

He opened his parachute at 7,000 ft. and landed sound and safe in the Arizona desert as fans online cheered him on. 

To do this stunt, and to be properly certified, he had done over 500 previous parachuting jumps from an aircraft.

He also took a certification course on Hot Air Balloons.

To be able to breathe at almost 25,000ft, Blaine practised special breathing techniques.

David Blaine titled this project ASCENSION.

Blaine was originally supposed to undertake the flight over New York City earlier this week but had to reschedule and relocate due to weather conditions. 

He prepared for the flight with the help of some stars, including Jaden Smith and TikTok sisters Charli and Dixie D’Amelio. 

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