What started out as a single flight for a child a few years ago, has grown into a “Monstrous” yearly event for many South African children.

“The Children’s Flight’s origins lie in a music video called ‘Paper Plane’, which is essentially about a child with a Dream to fly, but on a deeper level it’s about anyone with a dream. Aviation is traditionally about defying great odds and overcoming the laws of nature, the politics of man, the limitations of economy, and technological development…..for so long aviation was  an exclusive privilege to supreme military, selected individuals or the super wealthy… We wanted to bring home aviation to the children, to promote the idea that anyone can be whatever they dream of being… That you can literally ‘take that paper plane to your destiny’…. one day if even one of these kids goes for their dream, then this day may have played a role in that.”- Felix Gosher.

Felix Gosher has taken his dream and made it the dream and reality of so many South African children. Sharing this dream together with people like Darren Edward O’Neil and all the sponsors this event has grown annually into something that most South Africans should be proud of.

Flying with the motto of “FLY*FEED*LOVE*INSPIRE” in the marketing campaign, this event has given children the dreams, hope and inspiration of a brighter future. Pilots from all over the country have given their time to fly children in aircraft.

Magalies Gliding Club made their airfield available to host the 2020 event.

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