In 2013 a twin engine Jabiru was developed in South Africa. What made the aircraft unusual was the arrangement of the two engines. They were not mounted on the wings or on either side of the fuselarge, but both up front. Many thought that this was a world first, but it appears as if nothing is really new in aviation.

It was hoped the conversion could be offered as a kit to be fitted to existing J430s, joining the single-engine Jabiru, which outnumbers Cessna for its popularity in Southern Africa.

Australia also marketed this unusual twin.


In 1930, Allen Loughead (Notice the spelling) and his brother Malcom started the Lockheed Brothers Aircraft Corporation. There they developed the Olympia Duo-4.

Starting with a Lockheed Vega, the single engine was removed and replaced with two Menasco C4 Pirate engines, mounted side by side in the nose. This created a wide nose with the nacelles on either side.

The Duo-4 was damaged by wind just after landing and was rebuilt in 1934 as the Duo-6, with two Menasco B-6S Buccaneer engines.

The aircraft was marketed both as a military and a civilian aircraft but no orders for it were placed. After the aircraft was damaged in a crash in 1935, the program was cancelled.

(The Duo-6 photo is courtesy of

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