How do you want to live?

Hangars keep you aircraft safe, and away from unwanted eyes, but also away from you.

For many of us pilots, flying is part of our soul. We live, eat, breathe and dream about flying in its many disciplines. The ultimate retreat would be to have your home and your toys altogether.

You could trailer your aircraft back home and park it next to your regular vehicle.

But the unfortunate truth, is that your aircraft (if you are fortunate to own one), must stay at the airport in a lonely hangar.

Stepping up, you could also build a little retreat in the back of your hangar, such as the above shown plan indicates.

The next step is combining your home and hangar to view your aircraft, and allowing you to go flying at a moments notice.

Should you become one of the lucky ones or not, here are few homes with hangars for you to drool over.

A home in the country with your hangar next door.
Or even a double entrance hangar should you and the spouse each have your own aircraft, plus the smaller toys in the middle garage.
Maybe you would like to design your home attached to your hangar and make it look like an airport.
If you are bold enough, build your home above your hangar.
Alternatively you could have your aircraft or helicopter on your home, with your D.I.Y. staircase. Great view though.
Lastly, if push comes to shove, just try park your aircraft into the home you already have.
But seriously, what most of us want could become reality because of these new fangled things.

So, whatever your dream or goal is, soon, you could be living in a fly-in estate.

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