(Story and Images Garth Calitz)

Flying clubs are doing a great job keeping up the esprit de corps of the beleaguered flying community.  For years SA Flyer supported the Krugersdorp Flying Club (KFC) annual spot landing competition but this publication has been forced to reduce its involvement and the KFC has shown that despite the odds the club can still produce a memorable fly-in.

Early arrivals at Krugersdorp’s Jack Taylor Airfield.

Not only has aviation been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, but the weather was not cooperating either. The hard working members of KFC must have woken with heavy hearts on Saturday morning when they saw the weather which covered Gauteng. Visiting pilots had to navigate past low cloud and then deal with the notorious Krugersdorp winds, fortunately straight down runway 08 so it didn’t pose too much of a problem to anyone flying in for the day.   

The Bearhawk Patrol from the tragically estate of Wayne Giles is flying in the hands of Jeremy Moose Woods.

Members of EAA chapter 322 were at the ready with welcome pancakes, Marie Reddy and her assistant Gladys keep a steady flow of pancakes throughout the morning. The good folk from Krugersdorp Flying Club made sure that there was a delicious cup of coffee available. Later the pancakes and coffee gave way to biltong and beer for those who didn’t have to fly home again.  

Brian Appleton taxies out with Ricardo De Bonis in persuit on his bike.

CAA officials came along to keep an eye on proceedings 

A local radio station, Vibez Live, broadcast their Morning Show from Krugersdorp Airfield. The music and interviews of prominent aviation personalities kept everyone entertained throughout the morning and hopefully a few of their listeners were inspired to join the wonderful world of aviation.   

Dieter Bock made a welcome appearance in his Lancair Legacy.

The excitement levels kicked up a notch when the Puma Energy Flying Lions arrived and flew a flat display due to the low clouds. Puma pilots Scully, Sean, Arnie and Ellis then landed and joined the crowd for a cup of coffee and a pancake.  

With major thunder-showers predicted for the afternoon, the visitors couldn’t stick around too long, which must have come as a relief to CAA officials, Piet Fourie and Mothiba Kanyane who had come along to keep an eye on proceedings.  

The Coffee Station was well supported.