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Aircraft are often left out in all weather, through harsh sunlight and rain, including the common Highveld thunderstorms with associated hail. Aircraft paintwork takes the brunt of this weathering and is often in need of replacement.

A new paint job is a rewarding investment for those wishing to keep their planes looking in tip-top condition and it is usually the first thing buyers see when considering an aircraft acquisition.

Unlike cars, aeroplanes or often best suited to complex paint multi-coloured schemes and this creates enormous opportunity for artistic input. SA Flyer’s uniquely painted Piper Saratoga was a case in point. We used aviation artist Darren Edward O’Neil to design a striking and completely original paint scheme and then this paint job was hand applied by the experts at 43 Air School in Port Alfred.

When it comes to the actual application of such custom paint schemes, significant skills are needed and SA Flyer’s earlier aircraft, the yellow and white Cessna 182 benefited from numerous experiments with blending paint schemes by for instance blending the yellow of the wingtip extremities into the natural white colours of the fuselage.

Painting an aircraft is not a job of for those inexperienced or unqualified, as it requires specific skills for the balance of control surfaces to avoid the lethal danger of control surface flutter. At the same time, great care must be taken not to paint over essential components of systems such as the landing gear limit and squat switches, as paint on small limit switches can effectively render the undercarriage inoperable. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that only the most reputable paint companies be used to design and apply an innovative paint scheme to your aircraft.