Maintenance » Propellers

Aircraft propellers are subject to intense strain. They are spun around at speeds where the tips approach or even exceed the speed of sound, and the forces applied on the blades by centrifugal force and by aerodynamic loads are enormous. For this reason, aircraft propeller maintenance is a specialist skill which must be left only to the experts.  This is particularly true for constant speed propellers and their associated governing equipment.

A requirement for an aircraft maintenance organisation to be able to service propellers is that they must have the required specialist equipment, which may often be exorbitantly expensive to acquire, especially for relatively scarce propellers where it may not be used very often.

Recognising the stresses and strains on aircraft propellers, the aviation regulator imposes a strict overhaul regime on aircraft propellers. This normally requires 5 year and 10 year cycles for partial and full overhauls respectively.