Almost all pilots and aviation fans know the PA-18, otherwise known as the Piper Super Cub, but did you know of the PA-19?

The PA-18 Super Cub was introduced by Piper in 1949, and was developed in from the Piper J-3 Cub, which also traces its lineage from the Taylor E-2.

PA-19 Super Cub was the original designation of the military variant of the PA-18, only three were built and all subsequent military production were designated as PA-18s.

The PA-19 is an interesting case, since it only really exists in France.

Originally, the PA-19 was to be a PA-11 with a 90 hp Continental engine. It was designed to respond to the US Army’s call for bid to supply the future L-18. liaison aircraft.

A project of PA-18 Vagabond having been abandoned, Piper decided to develop a civil version called… PA-18. One of three prototypes of PA-19, equipped with a Lycoming engine and shutters, paved the way for PA-18-105, built from January 1950.

The L-18 C delivered to the French Air Force Light Air Force (90 HP and no shutters) received the name PA-19 when they were placed on the civil register.

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