“The HX50 will deliver a truly desirable, attainable and capable aircraft that will re-launch general aviation.”

Concept type helicopters have been proposed before … but this one has a better chance than most of flying in the real world.

Dr Jason Hill (Ph.D), a helicopter aerodynamicist, is the designer of the Hill HX50. Hill describes it as a ‘disruptive’ entry into the small helicopter market, offering a step-change for the better in safety, performance, comfort and elegance.

Hill is a master of all the talents, who worked for Westland on the Lynx and the EH101, a businessman who runs his own successful consultancy specialising in finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, stress calculation and other highly specialised engineering services which he sells to nuclear plants, offshore oil installations, aerospace, medical, automotive and defence companies, even public buildings and theme park rides.

Hill also knows about procurement and manufacturing processes and pitfalls, about certification and marketing, he knows why the automotive industry can build an impeller for $20 while something similar in an aeronautical turbine costs $20,000. He understands financing and cash flow, and he’s nobody’s fool.

The Hill HX50 is a five-seat, retractable wheel, 500 hp turbine powered aircraft designed by a team of skilled engineers of composite structure and rotor system, re-imagined avionics, elevated interior design and of course, looks that most manufactures would wish for.

From the ground up, the HX50 has been conceived as a genuinely best of breed personal helicopter, crafted upon field-proven engineering, state-of-the-art manufacturing and iconic British design.
Introducing a first of its kind platform, every minute detail has been elaborately crafted to deliver a helicopter specifically focused on the needs of private owners. The HX50 will be able to effortlessly carry five passengers and luggage, with a level of comfort, luxury and refinement never before seen in a light aircraft.

Dr Hill says the helicopter industry is sorely in need of ‘Elon Musk-style disruption’ and adds: “The only way to create something that is truly ground-breaking is to design from the ground up, giving equal focus to aerospace design, performance, and safety as well as to the artistic and experiential aspects, including comfort, ergonomics, intuitive technology, and luxury. The HX50 brings all of this together to deliver a truly unique aircraft and experience.”

Dr Jason Hill is himself a helicopter pilot of twenty years standing.

Three prototypes are scheduled to begin flight testing in 2022, with the first deliveries in 2023.

Could the Hill HX50 undercut the R66?

Time will tell.

Performance Data:

CRUISE SPEED – 140 knots

HORSE POWER – 500 shp

PAYLOAD- -1760 lbs (800 Kg)

MAX RANGE – 700 nm

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