February has shown steady growth in the number of aircraft registered. Four fixed wing and one helicopter were added while the non-type certified (NTCA) register grew by seven.

There are some late additions included from January in this month’s updates that were not included in the previous month’s updates. The exports and deletions similarly show three entries from January.

It would seem there is not a month that passes where Airlink is not registering at least one new plane! This is testament to the carrier’s strong growth and sound leadership. Another of the carrier’s recently-acquired Embraer 175s has been registered, this one as ZS-YBF. The jet was delivered to Alitalia in 2012, registered EI-RDK and named ‘Parco Nazionale del Gargano’. It operated regional flights for the carrier until being withdrawn from use in April 2020 during the early part of the COVID pandemic.

Cemair too shows steady growth, with a CRJ200 returning to the carrier’s fleet after a lease in Sudan. ZS-CEM was delivered to Comair in August 1999 as N785CA and was operated on behalf of Delta Connect until being withdrawn from use and placed in storage in 2007. The aircraft was acquired by Cemair in 2012 and allocated the registration ZS-CMR. In 2019 the plane was transferred to Blue Bird Aviation Sudan and allocated the registration ST-BBA and is now reinstated on the local register, but as ZS-CEM, as its previous registration has since been allocated to a CRJ900 also operated by Cemair.

The cancelation of the registration of a former SA Express operated CRJ200 regional jet, ZS-NMJ, is a bit of a mystery as the updates give the c/n as 7169 while all other sources claim this jet was c/n 7161. Perhaps this is just some “finger trouble” while entering the data?

This jet was delivered new off the production line to the now defunct regional carrier SA Express in September 1997 and served with the company until 2012 when it was acquired (along with sister ship ZS-NMK) by Lesotho’s Maluti Sky for scheduled services, until the carrier’s demise in July 2017. The plane was then parked up at OR Tambo International Airport from May 2018 and eventually scrapped.

Two popular types imported include a new Cessna Caravan and a new Robinson R44.

Two rather interesting helicopters added to the register include a Sikorsky S-76C+ and a NTC-category registered ‘Huey’.

The Sikorsky S-76C+ ZS-HHX returns to the local registry after a stint on the Brazilian civil aircraft register as PS-CDS, operating for Costa do Sol Táxi Aéreo. This 2003-built helicopter was delivered new to Angola’s SonAir Serviço Aéreo, SA (SonAir Airline Services) where it operated in support of their offshore oil industry before it was sold to Titan Helicopter Group of South Africa in November 2011. It is not clear when the helicopter was exported to Brazil, but it is assumed it returns to once again fly in support of South Africa’s growing offshore gas field industry.

The Huey, ZU-RIR, is a Dornier-manufactured Bell UH-1D (D= Deutschland). Dornier licence built 352 of these helicopters in West Germany between 1967 and 1981 for the German Airforce and Army. The German Armed Forces retired the last UH-1D in June 2001 when the last German Army UH-1D helicopter performed its final flight and flew to Bückeburg Helicopter Museum. This airframe flew with the German Air force as 70+46. It was last noted at Clark Airforce base in the Philippines in 2015 awaiting handover for service with the Philippine Airforce but it’s unclear if it ever did join the air arm’s fleet, but now takes up residence in South Africa.

NTC fixed wing planes additions include one each of the following popular types: a four-seat Jabiru J430, a Savanna Aircraft Africa, Savanna S, a Micro Aviation SA Bat Hawk R, Kit Planes for Africa Bushbaby Explorer and an Orion Cub. Notably there has been no new South African Sling Registered – perhaps a reflection of how the Sling is achieving high value international sales at the expense of the local market.

A very interesting new addition is Dirk Booysen’s full-scale replica Nieuport 28. The Nieuport 28 was a World War I French biplane fighter designed by Gustave Delage. It is hoped that we will see this unique type at some of the airshows and fly-ins in the coming months.

Exports are equally a mixed bag. One of Air-Tec Global’s Let-410UVP-E20s has been registered in Mauritius. The company is domiciled in this island nation so the change in registration may just be an internal transfer.

A DHL-operated Reims-Cessna Caravan II has taken up Mozambican registration, no doubt related to its contract work for the global parcel giant. A former Comair B737-400 ZS-OAR has joined the fleet of Daallo Airlines, a Somali-owned carrier based in Dubai and taken up the new Kenyan registration 5Y-FQC. It was repainted in the carrier’s eye-catching livery at OR Tambo prior to delivery to Kenya on 17 February. A King Air 350i, ZS-LIZ was recently sold to a Kenyan client and has now been transferred to the Kenyan civil register.

On the lighter side, a Cessna T210M has been exported to Zimbabwe and a 182Q to the USA. The final export is a Savanna Aircraft Africa, Savanna S, that has been delivered to a Zimbabwean owner who has placed it on the Zimbabwean register.

[Pat – I have left the reg review below – but have also supplied the spreadsheet. Which format do you prefer?]

NEW REGISTRATIONS                                   


Registration         Registration Date             Aircraft Manufacturer     Aircraft Model    Serial Number

ZS-YBF   2024/02/07                        Embraer                                             ERJ170-200 STD 17000345

ZS-CEM 2024/02/06                        Bombardier Inc.               CL-600-2B19                      7326

ZS-HHX  2024/02/13                        Sikorsky Aircraft                S-76C                                   760543

ZS-BCJ   2024/02/13                        Textron Aviation Inc.       208B                                    20800703


Registration         Registration Date             Aircraft Manufacturer                    Aircraft Model               Serial Number

ZT-RHK  2024/02/13                        Robinson Helicopter Company    R44                                      14700


Registration         Registration Date             Aircraft Manufacturer     Aircraft Model                   Serial Number

ZU-IZV   2024/01/24                        Savannah Aircraft Africa Savannah S                                       22-10-54-0907

ZU-IZY   2024/01/31                        Micro Aviation SA                           Bat Hawk R                                       0117

ZU-RIR  2024/02/09                        Dornier                                UH-1D                                 8106

ZU-IZZ   2024/02/06                        Jabiru                                                 J430                                                    1012

ZU-COB 2024/02/13                        Avroy Shlain                                      Orion Cub                                          22-02

ZU-MXK               2024/02/15                        Kit Planes for Africa                        Bushbaby Explorer                              022-D-23 EXUL

ZU-IZX   2024/02/22                        Dirk Johan Booysen                        Nieuport 28 Full Scale               061119



Registration         De-Registration Date       Aircraft Manufacturer     Aircraft Model    Serial Number               Country of Export

ZS-ATJ    2024/01/30                                       Aircraft Industries A.S     L410 UVP-E20    062636                 Mauritius

ZS-DHL  2024/01/31                                       Reims Aviation S.A                          F406                                    F406-0062                          Mozambique

ZS-OAR  2024/02/09                                       Boeing                                 737-476                              28152                                  Kenya

ZS-MAS 2024/02/06                                       Cessna Aircraft Company               T210M                 210-62385                          Zimbabwe

ZS-LIZ    2024/02/02                                       Beechcraft Corporation   B300                                    FL-1012                     Kenya

ZS-KTF   2024/02/05                                       Piper Aircraft Corporation            PA-32R-301                        32R-8013136      United Kingdom

ZS-EBP   2024/02/09                                       Piper Aircraft Corporation            PA-28-235                          28-10537                            Madagascar

ZS-SVA   2024/02/16                                       Cessna Aircraft Company               182Q                                   18267402                           USA

ZS-NMJ 2024/02/27                                       Bombardier Inc.               CL-600-2B19                      7169                                    Scrapped


Registration         De-Registration Date       Aircraft Manufacturer     Aircraft Model    Serial Number               Country of Export

ZU-PLM 2024/01/30                                       Savannah Aircraft Africa Savannah S                        21-09-54-0811         Zimbabwe


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