Barring the impossible again, (which actually happened last year because of COVID-19), Reno could be back…

A favourite in past races, Rare Bear will hopefully be back.

The Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) announced that following its successful ‘Save The Races’ fund raising campaign, the National Championship Air Races will be returning this year September.

2021 will mark the 57th year of this race, normally held in Nevada, USA. The races are set from September 15th to 19th, assuming the pandemic is under control.

“After cancelling the 2020 event we found ourselves with a significant financial loss that we knew would be a tremendous challenge to overcome, but with the support of the air racing community, we have been able to raise over $460,000 of our $500,000 goal,” explained RARA boss Fred Telling.

Mustang ‘Jelly Belly’ low level around Reno with a Tigercat slightly ahead in one of the past races.

“With the evolving health situation, we will continue to follow the guidelines set by the officials. We’re optimistic that by September we will have the resources needed to ensure the show is both safe to attend and that we can deliver on the exceptional experience the National Championship Air Races are known for,” Telling said.

Tony Looteta the chief operating officer added: “We are thrilled to bring the air races back to Reno and reunite our September family. While we still need to bridge the financial gap, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. It’s nice to to have something to look forward to after such a difficult year. We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support and are committed, as always, to putting on a spectacular event in 2021.”

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