Dave Unwin

As the editor of a number of UK aviation magazines Dave Unwin has flown an astonishing variety of planes. He is one of the world’s best-known aviation writers and an occasional contributor to SA Flyer’s fly tests.

DAVE HAS BEEN FLYING since 1985 and has over 5,000 hours in more than 300 different types, ranging from antique gliders and vintage biplanes to modern turboprops and jet fighters, WW2 bombers and fighters, and gliders and seaplanes.

He has survived some hairy close calls, most recently when the monster 1951 Sea Fury he was reviewing had an engine failure and the subsequent forced landing, while brilliantly executed by Eskil Amdal, was enough to crunch a few vertebrae when they hit a tree at 150 mph.

‘the thrill and romance of why we love to fly’

Sky Stories is Dave’s first book and is a wonderful selection of his flight tests and columns. Like SA Flyer, Dave strives to put the reader in the cockpit and share the experience of what it is really like to fly these extraordinary aircraft. Of note is his flight test of the F-35 fighter (which we have published), the B-17 Flying Fortress bomber and rarities such as the Molt Taylor Aerocar.

Turn to any chapter of this anthology and you will find yourself in the cockpit with him and be reminded about the thrill and romance of why we love to fly.

The book is an essential item for the library of anyone who has ever wondered what it is like to fly the various different planes. It is available as a 177 page paperback for £7.99 from www.

Dave Unwin has flown some remarkably varied aircraft including this Molt Taylor Aerocar.
Dave has reviewed the iconic B-17 Flying Fortress.

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