As we all know, these are unprecedently difficult times. Many industries have been particularly hard hit – including the magazine printing and delivery businesses.

At first we all hoped that the lockdown would end after the 3 weeks on 17 April. We had therefore planned to produce a combined May and June print issue and then back to the usual 4 week cycle in print. At this stage this is unfortunately not possible due to the extensions of the lockdown.

So from the May/June issue, and for the next few months, we will be a purely digital publication. However, we have launched a new website which has fantastic functionalities. It will be a daily must-go-to read! It will also feature key articles from the digital magazine in easy to read scroll down form.

For the time that we are a digital only magazine, all subscribers will get the online pdf version of the magazine, which can be read on a computer or iPad. As we will be producing 11 issues this year, your subscription will be extended by a further 6 months – for free.

If you have any queries, please contact Magda at 015 793 0708.

We will therefore not be charging for digital subscriptions until we are able to print your favourite aviation magazine. By completing the form below you will be added to a digital subscriber database for a free online monthly magazine.