Based on the company’s two-seat Robinson R22, the R44 was Robinson Helicopter Company’s first four-seat light helicopter Designed during the 1980s by Frank Robinson and his staff of engineers, the R44 first flew on 31 March 1990. A second prototype was built, and the R44 Astro was awarded an FAA Type Certificate in DecemberRead More →

The Denel Rooivalk AH-2 is an attack helicopter manufactured by Denel Aviation of South Africa. Rooivalk is Afrikaans for “Red Falcon”.  Development of the type began in 1984 by the Atlas Aircraft Corporation (a predecessor of Denel Aviation). The first Rooivalk was officially handed over in April 2011, and are flown by 16 Squadron, AFB Bloemspruit (Bloemfontein). Development The South African Defence Force recognised theRead More →

The Decathlon 8KCAB traces its linage all the way back to the Aeronca Champ, through the 7KCAB Citabria. The Decathlon entered production in the United States in 1970. The design offers tandem seating and center-stick controls. Access to the cockpit is through a single door on the starboard side. UnlikeRead More →