Cirrus is teasing a new product introduction it calls “The next evolution of personal aviation,” but it won’t be saying what it is until Thursday night. It is expected to be the Rotax-powered SR10 trainer based on a plane developed by its Chinese operation a few years ago. The ChineseRead More →

It’s been a bleak year. As I write this in mid-December, the world seems to be lurching closer to apocalypse. The Israel-Hamas war is seen by many as a portend. Once again, evil activists conflate the violent actions of a small group of people with entire nations and religions, sparkingRead More →

By Guy Leitch Ray Lawrence Watts 29/5/1951 – 11/11/23 Ray Watts was a much loved and respected contributor to SA Flyer magazine. He passed away on 11 November 2023. For the past ten years Ray has faithfully compiled the monthly Register Review, a resource much valued by aircraft sales organisations,Read More →

Guy Leitch How the FAA is Fixing Recreational Flying We often forget that South Africa still has some world class institutions that make our country a much better place than that supposed paragon of excellence – the USA. The American banking system is archaic compared to South Africa and ourRead More →