George Tonkin – Regular readers of the magazine would have noticed a new “Heli Ops” column. In that first column, I introduced myself as the , “The Silver Fox.” I NEVER IMAGINED MYSELF as a writer and most definitely did not dream of a regular monthly column. But anyone whoRead More →

Ray Watts – August 2022. There are some exciting additions to the register this month. AIRLINK HAS REGISTERED two Embraer 195s ZS-YDA & YDB. These aircraft are only three years old and come from Denmark. These two have the advantage over Airlinks 190s in that they have 32 more seatsRead More →

John Bassi – That big rock has different meanings to different people. To a Capetonian driver or pedestrian it’s an old familiar, unthreatening friend, always there, solid, and it makes Cape Town…Cape Town. Hikers get to know nooks and crannies and appreciate the grandeur, they get to understand the dangersRead More →

George Tonking – “Money lost – nothing lost; health lost – little lost; spirit lost – everything lost.” – Igor Sikorsky The key to a long career in any chosen profession is to never fall out of love with the work you do. Because, as the quote attributed to theRead More →