RAY WATTS – September 2022 This month, although not quite as exciting as last month, nevertheless contains a few delicious items. FIRST OF ALL, there is an Embraer 145 added to the register which was seen operating in Russia with her South African registration, ZS-ABB, applied in the last month.Read More →

Ray Watts – August 2022. There are some exciting additions to the register this month. AIRLINK HAS REGISTERED two Embraer 195s ZS-YDA & YDB. These aircraft are only three years old and come from Denmark. These two have the advantage over Airlinks 190s in that they have 32 more seatsRead More →

Ray Watts – July 2022. For the first time in many years a brand-new Cessna 172 has been registered in South Africa. How things have changed. WE SEE A TOTAL OF nine Type certified aircraft (seven fixed wing and two helicopters) having been registered. The Cessna 172 takes up aRead More →

APRIL’S AMENDMENTS ARE VERY interesting. There was a total of seven Type Certified aircraft (TCA) registered, being seven fixed wing and two helicopters. One of the new registrations is ZS-AAC (5) a Kodiak 100. This has been operating in Botswana as N54KQ for some while now. The registration ZS-AAC hasRead More →