Tecnam has introduced the new P2012 STOL dedicated to Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) operations.

TECNAM SAYS THE P2012 STOL is the only twin piston with STOL capabilities compliant to the latest certification amendments. It offers a 3680 kg / 8113 lb Maximum Gross Weight, while guaranteeing a modern design, wide and comfortable cabin, and 11 seats.

The cabin has a central aisle, a window for each of the 9 single passengers, no bench/double seats, and the passengers’ amenities such as USB ports, air conditioning, individual fresh and hot air outlets, a reading light, seat pockets and yes – cupholders.

The view provided by the individual windows and high wing make it good for sightseeing operations.

 ‘challenges the BN Islander’

The cockpit includes G1000 NXi EFIS and a GFC700 autopilot. Active and connected flight deck (Bluetooth, flight stream, Iridium) and a toolbox of modern aids (Wx radar, stormscope, inset map, and synthetic vision) reduce workload.

Comparing the P2012 STOL to the Britten Norman Islander, Tecnam claims that the P2012 STOL offers a +34% wider cabin, +24% larger seat pitch, +188% higher luggage weight allowance and +303% better luggage volume, and does it all in accordance with the latest certification standards. It can match the Islander’s takeoff and landing performances, and outperform its useful load by 20% up to a remarkable value of 1284 kg / 2830 lb on a STOL mission.

At maximum takeoff weight of 3680 kg / 8113 lb, the takeoff run takes 275 m / 900 ft and to clear the obstacle the takeoff distance is achieved in just 425 m / 1395 ft. At the 3630 Kg maximum landing weight the landing distance from the obstacle takes only 360 m / 1180 ft and the ground run requires just 155 m / 510 ft.

Tecnam’s P2012 STOL challenges the BN Islander.

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