DASSAULT AVIATION HAS launched its latest and largest biz-jet, the Falcon 10X. Still in development, the aircraft won’t be marketed for several years, but the company had a virtual rollout to highlight the features of what it claims will be the business jet with the world’s largest cabin.

The Falcon 10X will be an ultra long range business jet. Powered by twin Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X engines generating 18,000 pounds of thrust, it will have a range of 7,500 nautical miles (13,900 km). This enables non-stop from Paris to northwest Australia in about 15 hours at a fast Mach 0.925.

15 hour endurance demands a super-luxurious extra wide cabin with high pressurisation.
Cabin features large master suite with full shower.

With 15 hour endurance, Dassault designed the Falcon 10X to be as comfortable as possible for both passengers – and crew. The cabin features an enlarged master suite with a full shower.

                ‘will be Dassault’s largest cabin and longest range biz-jet’ 

The new composite wing retains the Falcon’s short-field landing capabilities—less than 2,500 feet.

Noise levels are kept low, and ambient light is maximised as the cabin has 38 windows that are 50 percent bigger than those in the Falcon 8X. To reduce passenger fatigue on 15-plus hour flights, the 10X’s cabin will stay at 3,000 feet up to FL 410.

Lie flats for the pilots.

Always a leader in blending its fighter-based technology with bizjet specifications, Dassault has designed the 10X’s cockpit to be the first of its kind with a single power lever to control both engines through the aircraft’s digital flight-control system.

                                     ‘both flight deck seats fully recline’

A novel feature is that both flight deck seats will fully recline in anticipation of a future relaxation of the rules to allow pilots to nap at their station. If the pilots are literally caught napping by an emergency, there is an Auto-Recovery Mode and Active Flight Path Protection derived from Rafale technology.

Cockpit features Rafael fighter designed single power lever,
Autorecovery systems and reclining seats for the pilots to nap.

The aircraft uses the company’s FalconEye combined vision system that uses Head Up Displays (HUDs) as the primary flight readouts, which provide enhanced and synthetic vision capabilities for zero ceiling/visibility conditions.

Dassault believes the 10X will best its two major competitors inside the cabin, which is 9-ft 6-in wide as compared to the Gulfstream G700’s 8-ft 2-in cabin and the Bombardier Global 7500’s 8-ft wide.

The 10X is expected to enter service in 2025 with a $75 million price tag.

ModelFalcon 10X
Length33.4 m (110 ft)
Height8.4 m (28 ft)
Wingspan33.6 m (110 ft)
Cabin height2.03 m (6 ft 8 in)
Cabin width2.77 m (9 ft 1 in)
Cabin length16.4 m (54 ft)
Max takeoff weight52,163 kg (115,000 lb)
Empty weight27,805 kg (61,300 lb)
Fuel capacity23,451 kg (51,701 lb)
Turbofan2 × Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X
Thrust2 × 18,000 lbf (80 kN)
CruiseMach 0.85–Mach 0.925 (488–531 kn; 903–983 km/h)
Ceiling51,000 ft (15,545 m)
Range7,500 nmi (13,900 km)
Balanced takeoff1,829 m (6,001 ft)
Landing762 m (2,500 ft)