The Kronshtadt Group, a Russian company will present the materials on the Thunder high-speed attack drone. This unmanned aircraft is being developed at the international military-technical forum. This will be the first time the drone will be revealed at the Army -2020 which will be held in Kubinka from 23rd to 29th August 2020.

(Picture: Boeing)

The drone is of the new Loyal Wingman concept, developed by Boeing Australia.

The drone is being developed and to be used as a slave in joint attack missions.

Using high-precision weapons, the drone is capable of hittingground targets at tactical and operational-tactical depth, as well as surface and coastal targets.

Additional capabilities will be reconnaissance, destruction of enemy defence systems and information gathering.

Preliminary advertising data suggests that the Thunder UAV has the following capabilities:

  • Wingman in the forward attacking echelon in co-operation with manned aircraft.
  • Opening and destruction of military and object air defence systems.
  • Defeat by guided high-precision weapons of ground targets in tactical and operational tactical depth.
  • Defeat of surface targets and coastal targets.
  • Performing intelligence functions.

The maximum take-off weightis estimated at 7 tons, while carrying up to 2 tons of combat load.

The drone fuselage is 14 meters in length with a wingspan of 10 meters.

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