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The requirements for the theoretical exams for a Private, Commercial and Air Transport Pilot’s License have become increasingly rigorous. It is therefore essential that anyone learning to fly get the best quality instruction on the theoretical subjects.

Quality ground school instruction is ideally suited to a structured academic environment where lectures are supported by the lecturer in person and the student is given as much assistance and support as is required to ensure that they are on top of the subject before they present themselves for examination.

Increasingly, the use of ‘Question Banks’ to attempt to bypass the rigorous and in-depth understanding required to pass the exams has forced the Civil Aviation Authority to regularly update the range of questions being asked. This is then all the more reason for students to select a good ground school – to ensure that only those who understand the actual subject are able to pass the exams. A further requirement for ground school instruction is that the flight school must have approved status to conduct its own exams – at least at the private pilot level.

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