Ultimax engineers are specialists in Airbus Helicopters.

ULTIMAX AVIATION is a Cape Town based Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO), renowned for its top-level experience in helicopter maintenance.

Founded and led by Aristide (Aris) Loumouamo in 2016, the company specialises in the maintenance of Airbus medium and heavy helicopters. These range from the AS350/H125 Squirrel to the recently imported H155 (which SA Flyer featured in June) and larger.

Aris has a solid grounding in Airbus Helicopters, having more than 20 years’ experience as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with Approved Maintenance Organisations in Cape Town, including eight years with Eurocopter.


addition to his specialised skill set, Aris and Caren Kok are well known for their friendly and approachable personality and are always available to solve customer problems.

The company is particularly proud of its staff’s experience and skill levels which enables it to consistently deliver reliable results.

Aris has grown his company’s footprint across Africa. Ultimax is an Approved Aircraft Maintenance Organisation in: South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, the DRC and Angola and has SACAA approval for satellite operations as far afield as Kenya and Liberia as well as in Wonderboom and Durban.

Ultimax handled the importation of the Airbus H155 featured in SA Flyer.

Ultimax Aviation specialises in the following core competencies:

  • Light maintenance, troubleshooting and periodical inspections, up to major inspections
  • Post incident inspections
  • External aircraft painting and interior refurbishment
  • Safran Engine Arriel Level 1 and Level 2 Approval. (Engine Module Replacement)
  • Modifications, customisations, aircraft retrofit, upgrades, and refurbishment.

The company’s Cape Town base offers a complete turnkey aircraft maintenance service. Capabilities include: avionics repairs, complete system upgrades, sheet metal repair, composite part manufacturing and repair, pitot static system certification, transponder integration / correlation checks, modifications and the ability to perform inspections for the Airbus AS350/H125, AS355, AS365, H120, H130, H135, BO105, BK117, EC145. Bell and Robinson helicopters are also supported.

The company is able to lease a wide variety of helicopters. It also provides: helicopter tours, pilots, and helicopter sales and spares. A key strength of Ultimax is its large inventory of parts, meaning that maintenance can often be done without having to wait for parts to be imported. This minimises expensive ‘aircraft on ground’ downtime.

As a result of Ultimax Helicopters’ extensive pan-African experience and widespread operations they are experts at “Getting things done’ in what may be a difficult bureaucratic environment – often with language barriers to contend with.

As a centre for excellence, the company is growing steadily. Its latest development is the helicopters support of remote mining operations across Africa which have been very active.

Ultimax Cape Town is based at Hangar 5, Convair Road, Cape Town International Airport.

Ultimax has more than 20 years’ experience as an Aircraft Maintenance Organisation.

For more information contact Aris direct on +27 72 878 8786 or land line +27 21 207 1205. Email info@ultimax-aviation.com

Ultimax Cape Town is based at Hangar 5, Convair Road, Cape Town International Airport.